Did Bruce Jenner compete against Daley Thompson?

Did Bruce Jenner compete against Daley Thompson?

Thompson’s meteoric rise was such that he was named in the Team GB squad to compete in his first Olympic Games at the age of 18, in Montreal in 1976. He finished 18th, in a competition won by the USA’s Bruce Jenner.

How many times did Daley Thompson win the Olympics?

Daley Thompson dominated the decathlon for nearly a decade, winning two Olympic gold medals.

What does Daley Thompson do now?

It was arranged as part of Bridgestone’s Kitting Out event as Daley is now an ambassador for the tyre brand. Daley won his second Olympic Gold medal in the year I was born, 1984, when he was at the peak of his athletic career.

Who is the greatest decathlete of all time?

The world record holder is Czech decathlete Robert Změlík, who achieved 7,897 points at a meeting in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, in 1992.

Who won the decathlon in 1988?

Christian Schenk
After learning that 1988 Olympic decathlon champion Germany’s Christian Schenk had admitted to doping 30 years later, Steen says he walked away from Seoul 1988 satisfied and won’t lament any stolen moments.

What is the decathlon world record?

The current world record in the decathlon is 9,126 points, set by Frenchman Kevin Mayer in 2018 Décastar.

Who holds the Olympic decathlon world record?

Frenchman Kevin Mayer
Frenchman Kevin Mayer, who holds the world record in decathlon with 9,126 points, took his second successive Olympic silver medal after finishing on 8,726 points. Australian 21-year-old Ash Moloney, the world Under-20 champion, won bronze with 8,649.

Who won the Olympic decathlon twice?

Daley Thompson
Daley Thompson, byname of Francis Morgan Thompson, (born July 30, 1958, London, England), British decathlete who became only the second competitor in history to win the decathlon at two Olympic Games, capturing gold medals in 1980 and 1984.

Who is Daley Thompson and what did he do?

Daley Thompson: ‘I’d love to help British athletes. I’d be over the moon’ Daley Thompson, the former British decathlete who won two Olympic gold medals in the 1980s, poses for a portrait at his gym in Putney.

When did Daley Thompson become the king of decathlon?

Daley Thompson becomes the undisputed king of the decathlon at Moscow 1980 The favourite going into the Moscow Games, the British decathlete delivered a series of top-level performances 39 years ago, on 26 and 27 July 1980, to win his first Olympic title.

When did Daley Thompson break the world record?

Francis Morgan Ayodélé Thompson, CBE (born 30 July 1958), known as Daley Thompson, is a British former decathlete. He won the decathlon gold medal at the Olympic Games in 1980 and 1984, and broke the world record for the event four times.

Where did Daley Thompson finish in the Olympics?

Thompson won his third Commonwealth title in 1986 but after that he never quite recaptured the superlative form of earlier years. In 1987, he suffered his first decathlon defeat for nine years when he finished ninth in the World Championships, and at his fourth Olympics in Seoul in 1988 he finished fourth.