How did the Mycenaean civilization start?

How did the Mycenaean civilization start?

Mycenaean civilization originated and evolved from the society and culture of the Early and Middle Bronze Age in mainland Greece under influences from Minoan Crete. These Bronze Age Greeks establish themselves as political units sometime around 1600.

When did the Mycenaeans migrate to Greece?

…by the activities of the Mycenaeans in the 14th–13th century bc, as revealed by archaeology. From this and other evidence, some authorities have identified the Achaeans with the Mycenaeans. Other evidence suggests that the Achaeans did not enter Greece until the so-called Dorian invasions of the 12th century bc. It…

How did the Mycenaeans rise?

Historians and archaeologists believe that one of the biggest things that contributed to the rise of Mycenae is the fact that they engaged in trade with other civilizations. There is evidence that they traded with the Minoans, Egyptians, as well as others. There is also evidence of Minoan goods found in Mycenae.

What event was the last legendary Mycenaean campaign?

In 1988, Manfred Korfmann excavated an ancient maritime cemetery near the hill believed to be the site of ancient Tory; althought some scholars disagree, Korfmann believes the Trojan War was a struggle for control of a crucial waterway in the in the Aegean Sea; in any event, the attack on Troy was probably one of the …

Who destroyed Mycenae?

New study finds: Ancient Mycenaean civilization might have collapsed due to uprising or invasion. For many years, the prevailing theory on how the Mycenaean civilisation collapsed was that devastating earthquakes led to the destruction of its palaces in the Peloponnese, southern Greece around 1,200 BC.

What caused the collapse of Mycenaean civilization?

Suggestions from scholars to explain the general collapse of the Mycenaean culture (and other contemporary ones in the Mediterranean) include natural disaster (earthquakes, volcanic explosions, and tsunami), overpopulation, internal social and political unrest, invasion from foreign tribes such as the Sea Peoples.