How do I delete my free zoo account?

How do I delete my free zoo account?

If you have an older account which isn’t connected to the Portal, you can click on the cogwheels below your current level (top right hand side) in-game and you’ll get to your personal game settings. Here you may select an avatar, turn off the sound, change your password or delete your account.

How do you get diamonds in Myfreezoo?

Diamonds can be acquired through completing Achievements if your account is linked to the Upjers Game Portal; Diamonds can be acquired for free through Earning Diamonds; Diamonds can be purchased with real money.

How do you get free money in the zoo?

The admission fees just aren’t bringing in enough on their own. All you need to do is complete a few mini-quests that will grant you XP points and allow you to level up and get free money in no time.

How do I change the email in my zoom account?

Change the Email in my Zoom account using work email and other types of login Log in to zoom web portal [My profile]. Click next to the sign-in Email address. Put a new email address. Click and Save Changes. You will receive a confirmation email at your new email address. Resubmit your request or cancel the email update.

Where can I Change my Password on Zoo?

If you have a Portal account (or just a newer account in general), you can change your password in the Portal here: – under the password tab! How can I get diamonds? Diamonds allow you to buy special items and features.

Is there a new version of my free zoo?

Maybe you already noticed: a few weeks ago we updated the My Free Zoo browser game with a new technology called „WebGL“. This ensures that your favorite game will remain future-proof for a long time coming. On May 4th, 2020, we will finally deactivate the Flash version.

How do I change the email on my account?

Sign in to the Zoom web portal. Click Profile. Click Edit next to Sign-In Email. Enter the new email address. Click Save Changes. A confirmation email will be sent to the new email address.