How do I open my CD drive without the button?

How do I open my CD drive without the button?

In Windows, search for and open File Explorer. In the Computer window, select the icon for the disc drive that is stuck, right-click the icon, and then click Eject. The disc tray should open.

How do you open the CD slot?

Use the following steps:

  1. Close any applications using the drive and then shut down the PC.
  2. Find the pinhole on the drive door.
  3. Bend part of the paperclip to a point. Insert the paperclip slowly until there is resistance, then gently push until the drive door is opened.
  4. Pull the drive tray out and remove the disk.

How do you open a stuck DVD player on a Toshiba?

However, there may be possible workarounds:

  1. unplug the unit for an hour or so;
  2. press and hold the eject button while plugging in; or.
  3. unplug the unit for an hour or so;
  4. invert the unit (bottom side up);
  5. plug back the Toshiba and quickly unplug soon as you hear the mechanical noise start;

How do I open the CD player on my CPU?

Why CD drive is not opening?

Try shutting down or configuring any software programs that create discs or monitor the disc drive. If the door still does not open, insert the end of a straightened paper clip into the manual eject hole on the front of the drive. Close all programs and shut down the computer.

What is the shortcut key to eject CD?

Windows 10 Press Windows + E on the keyboard to open File Explorer. Right-click the optical drive and choose Eject from the pop-up menu.

Why is my Toshiba DVD player not working?

Check the power connections on your Toshiba DVD player. Make sure the power cord is snugly plugged into the back of the DVD player and the wall outlet. Also, consider trying another power outlet. The power may not be arriving to the Toshiba DVD player due to the specific outlet, and not the player itself.

What to do if CD is not reading?

If the issue is not resolved, proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

  1. Verify the optical disk drive is recognized in Device Manager.
  2. Set the AutoPlay settings in windows to defaults.
  3. Run the Dell PC Diagnostics on the Optical Disk Drive (CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive)
  4. Disable the DMA mode of the optical disk drive.

What do I do if my CD drive wont open on my CPU?

How to open CD drive on Toshiba laptop satellite pro?

If you have an optical drive, it should have a button on it to open it. Only ones that don’t are those slit drives that Apple likes to use. No button? Right click on the drive and select eject. Hi Where do I find the drive icon for the CD rom?

How do you eject a CD from a Toshiba Satellite?

Or highlight the drive, right click and select eject. Or there should be a tiny hole that you can put a paper clip into. Surely there is a button! this model has a fake door. it doesn not contain an optical (dvd/bluray/cd) drive of any sort.

What kind of hard drive does Toshiba Satellite C40 have?

I have a Toshiba satellite c40 laptop. It does not have a disk drive and it won’t start up. It has a message saying reboot an I got toshiba core i3. 1.7 processor 4gb ram 500 gb hard drive.