How long does it take from Shenzhen to Singapore by ship?

How long does it take from Shenzhen to Singapore by ship?

How Long Does Sea Freight Take from China to Singapore?

Shipping from Shanghai (CNSHA Port) Shipping from Shenzhen (CNSZX Port)
Port of SIngapore 4-6 days 8-10 days

How long does it take from Singapore to China by ship?

Typically, three to eight days is required. Ocean shipping takes longer, but not significantly so. An FCL shipment from Singapore to Dalian can be completed in just nine days, although 11 to 26 days is more realistic for most FCL or LCL shipments from Singapore to China.

How long does it take Taobao to ship to Singapore?

How long does Taobao delivery to Singapore take?

Shipping option Type of freight How long it takes to ship from warehouse
Taobao Global Direct Shipping Air Within 5 days
Taobao forwarder (DEX, Prouter, ZTO, 4PX) Air Within 5 days
3rd party agent (EZbuy, SGShop, Peeka, Oops) Air 7 to 10 days
Sea 2 to 3 weeks

How long does it take to get from China to Singapore?

Yes, the driving distance between Singapore to China is 5477 km. It takes approximately 2 days 18h to drive from Singapore to China. Which airlines fly from Singapore Changi Airport to Hong Kong Airport?

How is the distance to sea calculated?

The fixed relationship between distance, speed and time helps sailors calculate the distance the vessel is expected to travel in a given time. The formula being used by sailors is 60 x D = S x T which is expressed as 60D = ST.

Is Taobao or EZbuy cheaper?

Hence, the shipping prices for both ezbuy and ezShip became cheaper than Taobao….How Much is The Taobao Shipping Fee For The Stools?

Shipping Remarks
Taobao S$33.92
ezShip S$29.13 After 15% off sea shipping promo, S$34.72 before discount
ezbuy S$25.30 After 20% off sea shipping promo, S$31.63 before discount

Can I buy food from Taobao to Singapore?

Prohibited Items: Include dry or wet food products, like frozen fresh meats and bamboo products etc. *However: Dry food products like tea, coffee, snacks, instant noodles and all meats (even those in self-heating rice) can be shipped in through 3PF. *However: These are allowed via sea freight.

How much is a flight from China to Singapore?

Beijing to Singapore Flight Info

Peak season for travel January US$341
Off-season for travel October US$223
Cheapest return ticket price US$1,236 Beijing(PEK) ⇒ Singapore(SIN)
Cheapest direct flight price US$507 Beijing(PEK) ⇒ Singapore(SIN)

How many hours is Singapore to Japan?

Most flights from Singapore to Japan pass through Tokyo, with a duration of about 7 hours on a direct flight.

How long does LBC sea cargo take?

40-60 days
How long does it take to send package via LBC Express? For air freight, it usually takes 7-10 days while sea freight takes 40-60 days until the package reaches its destination, door-to-door.