How much water flows through the Nile river?

How much water flows through the Nile river?

99,940 ft³/s

Is the Nile river water fresh?

Nile River is the valued natural and exclusive source of fresh water in Egypt, where the drinking water supply is limited to the river. The water quality of 24 sites between Aswan and Cairo along the Nile was investigated.

Is the Nile river the deepest?

(Africa’s Nile River is the longest river in the world at 4,135 miles, or 6,650 km long.) …

Is it legal to swim in the Nile river?

Swimming is safe (and encouraged). The section of water between Aswan and Luxor is clean and taking a dip is a real highlight. Your Felucca Captain my suggest swimming in the Nile.

How much water does the Nile River contain?

The amount of water it discharges changes gradually, but the average amount of water that the river discharges daily is about 157,000 gallons, and it can possibly hold up to 219,000 Meters squared of water in its basin. The main source of the water for the Nile River is White Nile, and the secondary source is from the Blue Nile.

Is the river Nile the longest river in the world?

The River Nile is one of the major rivers in Northeast Africa. It is known for being the longest river in the world. It is 4,130 miles long and actually passes through ten countries simultaneously. It consists of 2 tributaries, the Blue Nile and the White Nile. It is believed to be the lifeline of Egyptian civilization.

Who was the god of the Nile River?

Another God related to the Nile in Ancient Egypt is “ Hapy ” it’s called “ Lord of the River Bringing Vegetation ” or “ Lord of the Fish and Birds of the Marshes ” the god of yearly floods of the Nile which greatly controlled the water level, symbolized fertility.

Where to see the Nile River in Egypt?

Accordingly, travel agencies in Egypt and trip planners in Egypt tend to make use of the phenomenal geographic location of the Nile and it’s overlooking the remarkable sightseeing to make it a part of their Egypt tours packages in and around Luxor and Aswan.