How old should you be to play Woozworld?

How old should you be to play Woozworld?

Woozworld was mainly created for Tweens to express themselves in different ways. The service is designed for tweens, the average age of users being between 8 and 14.

Is Woozworld inappropriate?

It does block it, but people find loop holes which is common in other game. They should improve that to be honest. People can be inappropriate as well, but it’s quite funny when they try. My best advice is block them.

Is Woozworld safe?

Parental consent is required to play Woozworld Woozworld is a safe environment for tweens to socialize where we strictly guard the personal information of our users and do not share any user information with other parties. We offer real-time, safe chat that is GDPR compliant.

Is Woozworld dead?

As KountVonKlokz he is purely evil but in 2015, he went from a villain to an antihero. He has also dated Zeenawooz, but they broke up. He is currently dating nobody….Character Information.

Also known as: Zack, Zackary, KountVonKlokz (until 2015)
Status: Deceased antihero
Age: died age 25 (October 4, 1989-July 31, 2015)

Is Woozworld kid friendly?

Woozworld is a virtual world and social networking site for Tweens and Teens, where your child can express his or her creativity in a fun and a safe environment. Woozworld is a browser-based virtual world, therefore, no downloads are required to play online.

Does Woozworld delete old accounts?

After 30 days, your Woozworld account will be deleted permanently such as all your personal information, blocks your Woozin, unfriends all contacts and locks all virtual spaces. How to recover your Woozworld account after cancellation?

Is woozworld kid friendly?

Did woozworld Get rid of pets?

As of 2021, in the new Woozworld 10 10.0 update, WooPetz have been removed.

How do you get your old woozworld account back?

Forgotten password

  1. To retrieve a forgotten password, please follow these simple instructions;
  2. Go to
  3. Click/Tap on I forgot my password.
  4. Enter a valid e-mail address associated with your Woozworld Account.
  5. A link to reset your password will be sent by e-mail.

What will happen to woozworld?

We’re excited to officially announce that a non-flash version of Woozworld will be ready for you by December 2020. As months progressed, we were able to find a better solution (Woozworld 10) and will be discontinuing Woozworld Desktop to focus on the Woozworld 10 beta.

Does woozworld delete old accounts?

How do I delete my woozworld account?

From their FAQ: “go to the Parent Zone and click on the “Manage my account” tab and then on the “Manage my subscription” tab, then on the “Cancel my Subscription” and finally on the Confirm button.”

What can you do in WOOZ world virtual world?

Woozworld is your virtual world! Get started with Woozworld©, the fashion virtual world, and join millions of fashionistas (and fashionistos) personalizing and expressing styles with new weekly clothes, build your character’s story, and never get bored with thousands of stylish clothes that bring you one step closer to stardom!

How does WOOZ world help kids make money?

The practical experience of making money and budgeting for purchases that Woozworld offers is a plus. However, an additional activity or some reference materials relating the skills to real life would really help kids understand the principles behind saving and spending. Money management skills are a side benefit in this chat-focused virtual world.

Can you create your own avatar on WOOZ World?

Users create an avatar to wander the virtual WOOZWORLD — but unfortunately, jumping around the world’s various sections doesn’t always happen quickly. Unless you have a VIP membership, you may find there’s a wait to get in many areas — and you can be 20th or more in line. The site’s navigation may be a bigger issue for kids.

What to wear to a prom in WOOZ World?

Dare to dazzle! Get your groove on! Mix and match the latest looks and create a fresh and funky fit to hit the dancefloor in style! Head to ShopZ for the new outfits today! These throwback prom styles are picture-perfect!