How was life in the West different from the East in the 1800s?

How was life in the West different from the East in the 1800s?

Much of the West had a drier climate than that of the East, and western terrain often proved much harsher. As a result, immigrants to the West had to adapt and find new ways of doing things to survive. Their efforts were aided by improvements in transportation, communication, farm equipment, and other areas.

What was life like for farmers in the 1800s?

Many of the farmers lived in a two-room house because they were poor. Horses were used for transportation and for working on the field. Most farmers did not own a horse because they were expensive to own. Farmers did not work on Sunday, and this was the day that the families went to church.

How did farming change in the late 1800s?

During the late 1800s new ways of American farming improved thanks to the development in farm technology and machinery. An example was the replacement of the horse power which was used to plough the land by the steam tractor (option d) that allowed farmers to introduce a great variety of crops and wheats (option c).

What was life really like for the white settlers in the West?

The daily life of people living on the frontier was filled with hard work and difficulties. Once a farmer cleared the land, built a cabin and a barn, and planted his crops, he still had a lot of chores that needed to be done each day. In order to survive, the entire family needed to work.

Why was life so different in the new colonies?

As has been very wisely said, the problem which confronted the new people was one of changed conditions. Whereas in England harvests were reckoned at their cost per acre, in America they were counted at their cost per man, because in the old country labor was plentiful and land scarce, and in the new it was just the reverse.

What was life like in the colonies in 1634?

AN OLD-TIME COLONIAL HOUSE. (Built in 1634, Beaford, Mass.) Georgia, too, had a silk craze, and Pennsylvania and Delaware also went heavily into the production. Charles II wore a complete court dress of American silk, which, it is said, must have cost its weight in gold to produce.

What did citizen soldiers do during colonial period?

In the early 1890s several thousand citizen soldiers were mobilised in eastern Australia to assist regulars and police to maintain order during the maritime and shearing strikes of the early 1890s.

What did the British do during the colonial period?

Colonial period, 1788–1901. British settlement of Australia began as a penal colony governed by a captain of the Royal Navy. Until the 1850s, when local forces began to be recruited, British regular troops garrisoned the colonies with little local assistance.