Is death in Small Doses a true story?

Is death in Small Doses a true story?

Directed by Sondra Locke (proving there’s life after Clint Eastwood), this TV movie is based on a true story in which a landscape gardener (Richard Thomas, still best known as John-Boy Walton) is charged with poisoning his wife (Glynnis O’Connor) by lacing her vitamin pills with arsenic.

Who is Big Daddy Dillard?

Nancy’s father, William “Big Daddy” Dillard, died in 2006 after a 59-year marriage to Sue Stubbs Dillard that produced four children. She passed away in 2009. (They are not the same Dillards who founded the Dillard’s department store chain.

Who were Nancy Dillard Lyons parents?

Most had known Nancy’s parents, Bill and Sue Dillard, for years. They had watched them bury one of their four children, thirty-year-old Tom, who died of a brain tumor in 1985. But nobody expected that Nancy would not make it. As she thrashed in pain, her family members urged her to fight.

What is death in small doses about?

There’s a mystery surrounding a woman’s death and all the state prosecutor knows is that the dead woman had obtained arsenic herself. What’s unclear is whether her death was a suicide or murder. The prime suspects include her husband and his brother, with whom she was having an affair.
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Who is Richard Lyons?

Richard Lyons (April 19, 1959 – April 19, 2016) was an American musician, best known for being one of the founding members of the experimental music band Negativland. Lyons was intrigued by the LP and brought it to the other members of Negativland.

What happened to Richard Lyons?

This was the first true crime book written by Gray, who previously wrote mystery novels. Lyon died of poisoning. Her ex-husband, Richard Lyon, was convicted of killing her and sentenced to life in prison. Gray believes that Lyon was wrongfully convicted.

Is Richard Lyons still alive?

Deceased (1959–2016)
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Is Richard Lyon in jail?

During sentencing, Judge John C. Creuzot said that Lyon used “various and sundry chemicals to kill Nancy. The first two didn’t work, and you finally finished her off with arsenic, a tried-and-true method of producing death.” Creuzot gave him life in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Who killed Mya Lyons?

Richard Lyons
Richard Lyons was found guilty of thhe murder in January. Prosecutors said he beat, strangled and stabbed Mya Lyons before dumping her body. Mya was found the night of July 14, 2008, by her father, limp and bloody in an alley near their home in the 8400 block of South Gilbert Court, according to initial reports.