Is Scrabo Tower a castle?

Is Scrabo Tower a castle?

Although Scrabo Tower may look medieval, it certainly is not. It was not even built for defense. It was built in 1857 as a memorial to Charles Stewart, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry, who was one of the Duke of Wellington’s generals during the Napoleonic Wars.

What was Scrabo Tower built?

Designed by Charles Lanyon and WH Lynn, Scrabo Tower stands on the hill above the town of Newtownards, Co Down. It was built in 1857 as a memorial to Charles William Vane Stewart, the third Marquis of Londonderry, for his kindness to the people during the potato famine. The tower houses two floors of displays.

Was Scrabo Tower a volcano?

Volcanic plug – Scrabo Tower – Newtownards – County Down – Northern Ireland.

Can you get into Scrabo Tower?

Scrabo Tower (the actual tower itself) is open to the public on specific days.

Who lived in Scrabo Tower?

The estate’s great house, Mount Stewart, became his Irish residence but after his second marriage he lived mostly in England. In 1854, when the 3rd Marquess died, his eldest son, Frederick Stewart, 4th Marquess of Londonderry, and his widow, the dowager marchioness, decided to build him a monument.

How long is Scrabo Tower walk?

2.3 mile
How long is Scrabo Tower walk? – duration and route. The walk up Scrabo Hill is a 2.3 mile (3.7 km) circular route over rough terrain and steep climbs. From the top end of the main car park, cross the road to reach the tarmac path leading up the hill.

Is Ireland or Northern Ireland part of the UK?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK), since 1922, comprises four constituent countries: England, Scotland, and Wales (which collectively make up Great Britain), as well as Northern Ireland (variously described as a country, province or region).

What is a folly tower?

A folly tower is a tower that has been built as an architectural folly, that is, constructed for ornamental rather than practical reasons. Folly towers are common in Britain and Ireland, and often do have some practical value as landmarks, or as viewpoints, unlike other types of folly.

How a volcanic plug is formed?

Volcanic plugs are formed when molten magma solidifies in the pipe or neck of an active volcano. Over time, the agents of erosion wear the softer surrounding sediments of the volcanic cone away.

How old is Scrabo Tower?

At the top of Scrabo Hill, overlooking Strangford Lough and the whole of North Down, is Scrabo Tower. The tower, which was built in 1857, is one of Northern Ireland’s best known landmarks and the views from the top are spectacular.

What height is Scrabo Tower?

540 feet
Scrabo Hill rises to a height of 540 feet (160 m) above mean sea level. The viewing platform or parapet walk of the tower, reached by climbing 122 steps, provides views over Strangford Lough and its islands, as well as the towns of Newtownards and Comber.

Where do you park for Scrabo Tower?

From Newtownards or the Comber bypass, follow the signs for Scrabo Country Park. Drive uphill to the Country Park’s main car park (Grid J 475722).

How tall is the Scrabo Tower in Ireland?

Scrabo Tower is a 135 feet (41 m) high 19th-century lookout tower or folly that stands on Scrabo Hill near Newtownards in County Down, Northern Ireland. It provides wide views and is a landmark that can be seen from afar. It was built as a memorial to Charles Vane, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry and was originally known as the Londonderry Monument.

Where to see the views from Scrabo Tower?

Grounds around Tower open daily. Scrabo Country Park is centred at the top of Scrabo Hill near Newtownards and boasts incredible views over Strangford Lough and the surrounding countryside.

Where did the name Scrabo Tower come from?

Nowadays, the tower on Scrabo Hill is usually just called Scrabo Tower and is visited for its views and surroundings. However, its original name was Londonderry Monument or Memorial. That name refers to the Marquesses of Londonderry and only indirectly to the town of that name, which is 87 miles (140 km) away.

Who was the caretaker of the Scrabo Tower?

After the tower’s completion in 1859, William McKay, a foreman of the quarry, moved into the tower as caretaker. His family ran a tearoom in the tower until 1966 despite the lack of water at the top of the hill. The tower and the grounds on which it stands were then acquired by the state.