Is starfish a producer consumer or decomposer?

Is starfish a producer consumer or decomposer?

Is a starfish consumer Decomposer or producer? Starfish are consumers . Bcoz they donot produce their own food such as snail, fish etc.

Is starfish a decomposer?

Other important decomposers are fungi, marine worms, echinoderms, crustaceans and mollusks. Echinoderms like sea urchins, sea stars and sea cucumbers hunt and eat live food, but they also move around and consume decaying organic matter that covers rocks and other surfaces.

Are starfish decomposers in the ocean?

Other sea creatures classified as decomposers include crustaceans and mollusks, bacteria, fungi, sea cucumbers, starfish, sea urchins, and other kinds of marine worms.

What type of consumer is a starfish?

tertiary consumer
A starfish is a tertiary consumer in the ocean ecosystem. Although starfish might look harmless, they are actually important predators in their…

Is a seagull a consumer?

Primary Consumers: Turtles, damselfish, crab, shrimp. Secondary Consumers: Octopuses, triggerfish, squid, krill. Tertiary Consumers: Seagulls, penguins, elephant seals, whales.

Is a dolphin a producer consumer or decomposer?

Dolphins are consumers like many other animals. Consumers are animals that need to eat other plants and/or animals in order to survive. Dolphins are a type of consumer called a carnivore because they eat only meat. Dolphins are part of an ocean food chain.

Is a lobster a decomposer?

These decomposers feed on the decaying remains of surface plants and animals that slowly sink to the ocean floor. Rock lobsters and different forms of bacteria are examples of these ocean food chain decomposers.

What are 4 primary consumers in the ocean?

Primary consumers in the ocean include zooplankton, small fish, and crustaceans. The secondary consumers are fish, coral, penguins, whales, and other species that eat the zooplankton. The top predators in the ocean, sharks, killer whales, and leopard seals, eat both primary and secondary consumers.