Was the 1903 Springfield a good rifle?

Was the 1903 Springfield a good rifle?

The Springfield Rifle in Service Accuracy was excellent, out to an effective range of 656 to 1,000 yards, with hits possible at 2,500 yards. Due to its range, the 1903 rifle was also used as a sniper rifle.

What does the Springfield 1903 shoot?

Initially, the 1903 Springfield was chambered in a new . 30-03 caliber. The cartridge employed a rimless, necked-down case with a 220-grain round-nosed bullet that left the muzzle of the 24-inch barrel at some 2,300 feet-per-second (fps).

What year was my 1903 Remington made?

The M1903 was manufactured by Springfield Armory at varying levels of production from 1903 until the late 1930s and at Rock Island Arsenal from 1903 until 1913 and again from 1917 until just after World War I.

Was the M1 Garand the best ww2 rifle?

The M1 Garand service rifle was one of the outstanding American weapons of the twentieth century. Simple, sturdy, and well designed for its time, the Garand gave U.S. Army soldiers and Marines far greater firepower than their enemies—and allies too for that matter.

What is the deadliest sniper rifle in the world?

Currently top 10 sniper rifles in the world are these:

  • Nr.1 Barrett M82 (United States)
  • Nr.2 Steyr SSG 69 (Austria)
  • Nr.3 Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum (United Kingdom)
  • Nr.4 Barrett M95 (United States)
  • Nr.5 SAKO TRG 42 (Finland)
  • Nr.6 M24 (United States)
  • Nr.7 Blaser R93 Tactical (Germany)

How much does a 1903 Springfield armory rifle cost?

30-06 Springfield Armory US U.S. 1903 30-06 Rifle Army USMC PRICE: $2,076.00 MANUFACTURER: Springfield Armory

What was the serial number of the Springfield Armory?

Springfield Model 1903 Mark I, c. 1919, serial Springfield Model 1903 Mark I, c. 1919, serial number 1140569, walnut stock with a circle P below the triggerguard, receiver marked U.S./SPRINGFIELD/ARMORY/MODEL

What was the Springfield Armory Model 1903 bayonet made of?

*SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MODEL 1903 “ROD BAYONET” *SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MODEL 1903 “ROD BAYONET” BARRELED ACTION AND WOOD ONLY. Cal. 30. NSN. This is an unfinished receiver with no nomenclature or SN