Was there ever a sequel to Nightbreed?

Was there ever a sequel to Nightbreed?

The movie ends on a cliffhanger and no sequel was developed. The Nightbreed TV series may address this and continue what could be a rich, dark fantasy franchise.

Is Nightbreed related to hellraiser?

A two part graphic novel was also produced, Hellraiser vs Nightbreed: Jihad, which merges the two worlds created by Clive Barker and features the Cenobites as agents of order against their chaotic nemesis the Nightbreed, and the Jihad (Holy War) of extermination that the first wage on the latter.

Where is Nightbreed located?

The 1988 novel Cabal, written by Clive Barker, primarily takes place in Alberta, as does the 1990 film adaptation, Nightbreed. Exterior shots from Nightbreed were filmed in Calgary, Bragg Creek, Drumheller and Canmore.

Who made Midian Nightbreed?

The Road to Midian: Clive Barker’s ‘Nightbreed’ Turns 30.

What song does Lori sing in Nightbreed?

In honor of the 25th Anniversary of Nightbreed, this week’s Tuesday Tune is Johnny Get Angry by Lori (Anne Bobby) with the unofficial music video edited by Andrew Furtado.

How long is the Nightbreed Director’s Cut?

1h 42m
Nightbreed/Running time

Does Lori become Nightbreed?

Lori Witson his Aaron Boone’s girlfriend, she later became a Nightbreed after Aaron bit her.

Who is Leviathan in hellraiser?

Leviathan, also known as the God of Flesh, Hunger and Desire, within the Hellraiser mythology is the “deity” residing inside the extra-dimensional world known as The Labyrinth and is the overlord ruling the Cenobites, including their masters Pinhead and The Engineer.

Is Midian real?

William G. Dever states that biblical Midian was in the “northwest Arabian Peninsula, on the east shore of the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea”, an area which he notes was “never extensively settled until the 8th–7th century B.C.”…Mountains.

Midian Mountains
Range coordinates 28.3°N 35.6°E

Is Nightbreed Director’s Cut worth it?

While it doesn’t fix all of the problems that the original cut contained, the Director’s Cut certainly smooths things out and makes Nightbreed much more interesting, as well as elevating it in terms of one of the better horror films of the time.

Are Cenobites demons?

Demons to some, Angels to others. Pinhead describing the Cenobites to Kirsty Cotton. These beings have been identified as a type of demon, created from the souls of mortals who have given into forbidden hedonistic and often disturbing forms of pleasure.

Is there a heaven in Hellraiser?

Judgment is the first Hellraiser film to include heaven in its mythology. According to Tunnicliffe, he took influence from The Scarlet Gospels, stating “I am in no way religious, but if you are writing a story that acknowledges the existence of Hell, then you have to acknowledge the existence of Heaven.