What are some cool Irish words?

What are some cool Irish words?

16 Beautiful Words That Will Make You Fall in Love with the Irish Language

  • Fáilte – Welcome | © Culture Trip.
  • Abhainn – River | © Culture Trip.
  • Draíocht – Magic | © Culture Trip.
  • Aisling – Dream | © Culture Trip.
  • Suaimhneas – Peace | © Culture Trip.
  • Grá – Love | © Culture Trip.
  • Meala – Honey | © Culture Trip.

What do the Irish call babies?

Bairn is a Northern English, Scottish English and Scots term for a child. It originated in Old English as “bearn”, becoming restricted to Scotland and the North of England c. 1700.

What do Irish people say when you sneeze?

Ireland. In Ireland after someone sneezes, we say ‘Dia leat’ [pronounced dee-ah latt] meaning, ‘God be with you’ or ‘Dia linn’ [pronounced dee-ah lynn] meaning ‘God be with us’.

How do you say Jesus in Irish?

Jesus in Irish is Íosa.

What are some words you should know in Irish?

Some useful phrases in Irish (that go beyond the essential words you should know in Irish), grouped by category: Irish Greetings: Hello, Goodbye Hello – Dia duit. (literally “may God be with you”)

What are some Irish words that mean good night?

Oíche mhaith! – Good night! Saol fada chugat! – A long life to you! Sláinte! – Your health! (the Irish version of “Cheers!”) Sláinte is táinte! – May you be healthy and wealthy! (the Irish version of “All the best!”) Titim gan eiri ort! – Fall down and never rise again! (the Irish version of “Drop dead!”)

What do Irish people mean when they say arseways?

Irish people say this when they’re going to the bathroom. 24. Arseways. If something is done the wrong way, it’s done arseways. 25. Go way outta that. If you hear this phrase, it means the speaker doesn’t believe what was said or is refusing an offer. 26. A whale of a time. This phrase means you had a really good time. 27. Ara

Are there any Irish words that mean ” later “?

See you (later). – Slán go fóill. Stay safe, take care. – Tabhair aire. Cheers – Sláinte (Literal meaning: health!) Cheers to the men and may the women live forever – Sláinte na bhfear agus go maire na mná go deo! Please note that while we have included “yes” and “no” here, this is not entirely correct.