What are the main imports of Wales?

What are the main imports of Wales?

Main points Wales imported the most goods from the USA, accounting for approximately 20% of the total import value. Machinery and transport equipment was an important commodity group for international trade in Wales, accounting for 46.9% of total exports and 33.6% of total imports.

Is Wales the poorest country in Europe?

In 2017, the area of lowest income in Northern Europe was West Wales. This featured alongside nine other regions of similar income lying in England and mainland Europe….Economy of Wales.

Population below poverty line 23% (2020)
Labour force 1.428 million (September 2015)
Unemployment 3.9% (July 2021)

What are the major industries in Wales?

Economy of Wales

Unemployment 3.9% (July 2021)
Main industries Agriculture, aerospace, construction, electronics, emergency services, food, forestry, manufacturing, oil and gas, renewable energy, services, textiles, tourism, transport
Exports £13.4 billion (2020) (2019: £17.7 billion)

Is Wales a wealthy country?

Wales definitely isn’t “poor”. Factoring in household wealth, relative poverty levels, cost of living etc. Wales remains one of the wealthiest and economically productive countries in the world.

What kind of goods does Wales export to the UK?

Exports from Wales continued to be dominated by ‘Machinery and Transport Equipment’ which made up 49.9% of exports. The data above relates to exports of goods.

What was the value of Welsh exports in 2019?

Welsh exports: 2019 1 Main points. The value of exports for Wales for the year ending December 2019 was £17.7 billion, up £0.5 billion (3.0%) compared with the previous year. 2 Further Information. The data above relates to exports of goods. 3 Note.

Are there any global brands made in Wales?

Wales is home to global brands, such as GE and Airbus; 50% of the world’s passengers fly on aircraft with wings made in Wales and you are likely to find a compound semiconductor made in Wales in your smartphone. Wales’ global exports range from refined oil from Milford Haven to Hilltop Honey, made in Newtown.

What was the economy of Wales during the inter war?

Even during a boom period at the start of the 20th century, Wales had a narrow economic base dependent on the labour intensive exploitation of natural resources. The Welsh export economy collapsed during the inter-war recession, a victim of increasing protectionism and the rise of new competitors overseas.