What are the most important elements of Zoroastrianism?

What are the most important elements of Zoroastrianism?

The unique historical features of Zoroastrianism, such as its monotheism, messianism, judgment after death, heaven and hell, and free will may have influenced other religious and philosophical systems, including Second Temple Judaism, Gnosticism, Greek philosophy, Christianity, Islam, the Baháʼí Faith.

How did Zoroastrianism affect Persia?

In the 7th century the Islamic Arabs invaded and conquered Persia. The disastrous effect this had on Zoroastrianism surpassed that of Alexander. Many libraries were burned and much cultural heritage was lost. Over time many Iranians did convert and Zoroastrianism became a minority religion in Iran.

What is the main sacred of Zoroastrianism?

Avesta, also called Zend-avesta, sacred book of Zoroastrianism containing its cosmogony, law, and liturgy, the teachings of the prophet Zoroaster (Zarathushtra). The extant Avesta is all that remains of a much larger body of scripture, apparently Zoroaster’s transformation of a very ancient tradition.

What is the most important symbol in Zoroastrianism?

The Faravahar (Persian: فَرَوَهَر‎), also known as the Forouhar (فُروهَر‎) or Farr-e Kiyâni (فَرِّ کیانی‎), is one of the best-known symbols of Zoroastrianism, an Iranian religion.

How do Zoroastrians worship?

Zoroastrians traditionally pray several times a day. Some wear a kusti, which is a cord knotted three times, to remind them of the maxim, ‘Good Words, Good Thoughts, Good Deeds’. They wrap the kusti around the outside of a sudreh, a long, clean, white cotton shirt.

What are the 3 main pillars of Zoroastrianism?

The phrase “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds” represent the three pillars of the Zoroastrian Faith and sums up the beliefs and conduct of its followers.

Who is the god of Persian?

God in Zoroastrianism is known as Ahura Mazda, an omnipotent, supreme figure. In an older Iranian tradition, Ahura Mazda was said to have created the twin spirits of good and evil — Spenta Mainyu and Angra Mainyu, also known as Ahriman.

What are the three basic moral principles of Zoroastrianism?

The basic tenets of the Gathas consist of a monotheistic worship of Ahura Mazda (the “Lord Wisdom”) and an ethical dualism opposing Truth (Asha) and Lie, which permeate the entire universe.

What are the symbols of Zoroastrianism?

The Faravahar is an ancient symbol of the Zoroastrian faith. It depicts a bearded man with one hand reaching forward. He stands above a pair of wings that are outstretched from a circle representing eternity. Fire is another important symbol of Zoroastrianism, as it represents light, warmth and has purifying powers.

Where do Zoroastrians worship?

fire temples
Zoroastrian places of worship are sometimes called fire temples. Each fire temple contains an altar with an eternal flame that burns continuously and is never extinguished.

Can Zoroastrians drink alcohol?

Only members of religious minorities – Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians – are allowed to brew, distil, ferment and drink, in their homes, and trade in liquor is forbidden. Catholic priests make their own wine for Mass. Yet wine-making has a long history in Iran.

What are the basic principles of Zoroastrianism?

What are the major beliefs of Zoroastrianism?

The following are some of the important beliefs of Zoroastrianism. 1. Belief in Supreme and Universal God. 2. Belief in the duality of existence. 3. Belief in the divinity of creation. 4. Belief in the spiritual nature of the world and human beings. 3. Belief in polytheism. 4. Belief in the basic goodness of the humanity.

The overriding ethical principle of Zoroastrianism is Humata, Hukhta, Huveshta: “to think good, to speak good, to act good.” This is the divine expectation of humans, and only through goodness will chaos be kept at bay. A person’s goodness determines their ultimate fate after death.

How does Zoroastrianism compare to Christianity?

Both religions have an emphasis on morality and good ethics, with Zoroastrianism having five particular points while Christianity stemmed from this which also has a moral code which is known as the Ten Commandments (Oxtoby, 5). While both religious share the importance of death and reincarnation the two differ on burial rites.

What are the differences between Christianity and Zoroastrianism?

In Christianity, Heaven is the Kingdom of God and Hell is the kingdom of the devil, Satan. On the other hand, in Zoroastrianism, we have heaven , or the light and goodness above, which is the kingdom of Ahura Mazda. And hell, the darkness and ignorance below, ruled by Angra Mainyu. A Messiah born of a Virgin – In Christianity there is Jesus, born of The Virgin Mary. But there is a savior in Zoroastrianism too.