What body of water separates the cities of Montevideo Uruguay and Buenos Aires Argentina?

What body of water separates the cities of Montevideo Uruguay and Buenos Aires Argentina?

The River Plate (“Rio de la Plata” or River of Silver in Spanish), is the widest river in the world, stretching 220 kilometers (136 miles) where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. This very large estuary separates Argentina and Uruguay and is home to the ports of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, their respective capital cities.

What is the river between Argentina and Uruguay?

Río de la Plata
Río de la Plata, (Spanish: “River of Silver”) , English River Plate, a tapering intrusion of the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of South America between Uruguay to the north and Argentina to the south.

What country is the River Plate in?

Río de la Plata

Río de la Plata River Plate, La Plata River
Map of the Río de la Plata basin, showing the Río de la Plata at the mouths of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers, near Buenos Aires
Etymology Spanish for “river of silver”
Countries Argentina and Uruguay

What river flows through Buenos Aires?

Salado River
Salado River, Spanish Río Salado, river in northeastern Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

What separates Montevideo from Buenos Aires?

Rio de la Plata is the muddy estuary of the Paraná and Uruguay Rivers, and forms part of the border between Argentina and Uruguay. The rich estuary supports both capital cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. The Paraná is South America’s second longest river, and drains much of the southeastern part of the continent.

Are there any rivers in Uruguay?

Rio Negro is the country’s primary river, it runs from north east to west, where it flows into Rio Uruguay (Uruguay river), which forms the border with Argentina.

Are there mountains in Uruguay?

10 MOUNTAINS AND VOLCANOES Uruguay has no mountain ranges. Cerro Catedral (514 meters/1,686 feet in elevation), near the southern coast, is the country’s highest point.

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What’s the capital of Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and its largest city. It is located on the southern shore of the Río de la Plata, 150 miles (240 kilometers) from the Atlantic Ocean….Buenos Aires.

Country Argentina
– Autonomous City 203 km² (78.5 sq mi)
– Land 203 km² (78.5 sq mi)
– Metro 4,758 km² (1,837 sq mi)