What countries bordered Germany?

What countries bordered Germany?

Germany today borders more countries than any other state in Europe, coming in contact with Denmark to the north, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, and France to the west, Switzerland and Austria to the south, and the Czech Republic and Poland to the east.

Which country has longest border with Germany?

The neighbours of Austria are Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Slovenia. The country shares a total of 2,562 kilometres of land with eight countries. Austria shares the longest land border with Germany (784 kilometres).

Does Poland border Germany?

Poland borders Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia (the Kaliningrad exclave). Its northern border (440 km long) runs along the Baltic Sea coast.

Was Poland ever part of Germany?

In 1795, Poland’s territory was completely partitioned among the Kingdom of Prussia, the Russian Empire, and Austria. Poland regained its independence as the Second Polish Republic in 1918 after World War I, but lost it in World War II through occupation by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

What separates Germany from Austria?

The western point is located at the border tripoint of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, at approximately 47°33′N 9°34′E, in Lake Constance. The border is 815 kilometres (506 mi) long, but a straight line between the endpoints is 345 kilometres (214 mi) long.

What countries and oceans border Germany?

Germany is bounded at its extreme north on the Jutland peninsula by Denmark. East and west of the peninsula, the Baltic Sea (Ostsee) and North Sea coasts, respectively, complete the northern border. To the west, Germany borders The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg; to the southwest it borders France .

What are the countries surrounding Germany?


  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Switzerland
  • What is the country surrounded by Belgium France and Germany?

    The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small country surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany, and its history has been inextricably linked with that of its larger neighbours. It is largely made up of rolling hills and forests.

    Does Germany border France to the north?

    Germany is in Western and Central Europe, bordering Denmark in the north, Poland and the Czech Republic in the east, Austria and Switzerland in the south, France and Luxembourg in the south-west, and Belgium and the Netherlands in the north-west.