What do you do at a spa party?

What do you do at a spa party?

Spa Party Games & Activities Once the nail polish colors are selected manicures and pedicures are a must at any spa party. Kids will love applying face masks. For even more fun they can make their own. Other awesome DIY activities include making bath salts, bath bombs, and hand lotion.

Is sweet and sassy closing?

The business is well known among young girls and their parents for its salon, spa and party celebrations. The email said all previously booked parties will be honored and the salon will continue as normal until closing day. …

What should a spa day include?

Treatments that may be provided include body massage, hair, foot massage, facials, waxing, microdermabrasion, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, aromatherapy, moxibustion, ear candling, and gua sha (scraping).

What is sweet and sassy store?

We are a salon, spa, and celebration place for children and tweens. From kid spa packages to fancy updos, princess birthday celebrations to ear-piercings, our store has everything you could want for an unforgettable day. Come step into our world for an hour or an afternoon and make your dreams a reality.

How do you set up a spa party?

6 Tips To Hosting A Relaxing Spa Party:

  1. Bring In A Professional. Ask a professional to come over from a beauty school, massage school or local nail shop.
  2. Set The Mood. Make your guests feel relaxed like they are at a spa.
  3. Beautify On The Inside.
  4. Make Signature Drinks.
  5. Personalize Swag Bags.
  6. Share Beauty Secrets.

How much does sweet and sassy cost?

Sweet & Sassy. Basic makeovers are just $25 in most markets and include a quick and fun up-do, glittery make-up, and a quick nail polish. Ultimate Makeovers add on the Make Your Own Creation Stations and a matching accessory.

Is it weird to go to a spa alone?

Not at all. At most spas, you will see solo spa goers enjoying some precious me time. It’s not selfish to want to spa alone. Self-care may be a somewhat overused phrase, but it came from the realisation that those who care for others – from parents to nurses – often don’t look after themselves, resulting in burnout.

How much does a spa day cost?

Keep in mind that most one-hour long massages and relaxation therapies at most day spas cost in the range of $100 upwards. The most high-end these services are, the more it would cost. Certain top tier day spas can even cost around $700-800 a night!

Does sweet and sassy pierce ears?

Highly trained staff pierce two ears at the same time, which is unique for the industry and a huge selling point for mom. Our sterile 14k gold and hypo-allergenic earrings custom-made for Sweet & Sassy® are also a unique selling point.

How can I host a girls night at Spa?


  1. Candles, candles everywhere. Unless you’re pyrophobic, nothing is more zen than candles.
  2. Scatter a few plants and flowers.
  3. Pick up an oil diffuser.
  4. Throw on a calming playlist.
  5. Mani-pedis.
  6. Face masks.
  7. Massages.
  8. Meditation lounge.

How do I turn my room into a spa?

10 Easy Steps To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Spa

  1. Add A Soothing Smell. Incense is cheap aromatherapy—no expensive essential oils.
  2. Drink Tea. Pour yourself a cup of tea.
  3. Listen To A Different Type Of Music. Put on relaxing music (No!
  4. Cleanse Your Face.
  5. Soak Your Feet.
  6. Paint Your Nails.
  7. Positive Talk.
  8. Dream While You’re Awake.

What’s the best way to have a spa party?

If you want to splurge, hire well-known aestheticians from a local spa or local cosmetology students to give your guests professional spa treatments. Lilly says you can also set up spa stations around your home and your girlfriends can take turns pampering themselves and each other.

Where to go for a birthday party for an adult?

Sunset and night cruises are a popular destination for birthday celebrations. Enjoy the fresh sea air and spend the night dancing with all your loved ones. 14. Local Concert Venue If there happens to be a fun upcoming band, take a group of friends to the concert for your birthday.

What’s the best thing about a spa weekend?

From luxurious treatments to total detox in isolation, these spa breaks are the ultimate in self-indulgence. A spa weekend is just the sort of quick trip that can straighten out months of stress in a hurry. But what kind of spa weekend to choose?

What to put in photo booth for spa party?

Set a serene (and fun!) environment with these spa party decorations. From cutesy photo booth props to a gorgeous spa cake topper, your guests will ooh and ahh over these finds. Strike a glam pose with these fun spa party photo booth props. This pack includes an eye mask, towel wrap, nail polish and more.