What does Mo storin mean?

What does Mo storin mean?

my pulse
1. Mo chuisle (pronounced mu cooish-la) Many people will know this one from the film Millon Dollar Baby. It literally means my pulse, it’s a shortened version of the phrase ‘A chuisle mo chroí’ pulse of my heart.

What does Mochara mean?

my friend
The name Mochara means ‘my friend’ or ‘my buddy’ in Gaelic and I am half Irish, so it seemed perfect considering my horse’s name is also Buddy. …

What is Irish slang for friend?

Mucker. Mate, pal, friend.

What does it mean to say you are my pulse in Irish?

One for the real lovebirds, this phrase means “You Are My Pulse.” Cuisle literally means “pulse” and is a popular term of endearment in Irish. You could also address your significant other as “A chuisle mo chroí” (pronounced ah coo-shil mu cree) which translates into English as “Pulse of my heart”.

Where does the saying ” my Pulse of my heart ” come from?

It’s an Irish term of endearment taken from the original phrase ” A chuisle mo chroí “, or “Pulse of my heart”. You could also say ” Mo chuisle mo chroí “, which would be “My pulse of my heart”. When speaking directly to the person, use “A chuisle”. When speaking about them say “Mo chuisle”.

How do you say I Love you in Gaelic?

Pronounced: Graw Deal-shockt Char-dis This is the Gaelic translation of the Claddagh’s motto – Love, Loyalty and Friendship. These qualities are represented in the design of the ring itself with the heart representing love, the crown signifying loyalty and the hands symbolizing friendship.

What do you say on Valentine’s Day in Gaelic?

TÁ MO CHROÍ ISTIGH IONAT Pronounced: Taw Muh Kree Ish-tig un-at Use this phrase on Valentine’s Day to make your loved one feel truly special. This literally translates into English as “My heart is in you” but a more accurate translation would be “Your heart is very dear to mine.”