What does sup mean when texting?

What does sup mean when texting?

The acronym SUP is most commonly used in text messaging as an abbreviation of the phrase “What’s up?”, which is widely used with the meaning “What’s new?” or “How are you?”. Even though it is a question, SUP is typically used as a greeting (i.e., a way of saying hello).

What does sup girl mean?

n a young unmarried woman, esp. one who is self-supporting.

What is SUP mean?

stand up paddleboarding
In the world of water sports, one stands above the rest — literally. The sport is known as stand up paddleboarding (SUP for short), and it’s one of the fastest growing activities on the water.

What does it mean when a guy texts you sup?

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below. 1 of 10. Dating coach Adam LoDolce calls this random text (which can also come in the form of “sup” or “yo”) the “weak attempt.” Yes, the guy’s thinking about you, but he’s not thinking hard enough. Text back if you like him, but don’t bother if you’re not sure about him.

What does SUP stand for in texting?

‘Sup’ is an abbreviation of the word ‘wassup’ which itself is an abbreviation of ‘what’s up’, usually followed by a question mark: ‘what’s up?’. It is a slang often used in modern conversation, most often on texting platforms or other forms of social media such as Facebook, for example.

What does sup mean slang?

Sup is defined as slang for the expression, “What’s up?”. An example of Sup is what close friends say to each other in the morning at school.

What are some texting words?

W@ – What? W/ – With W8 – Wait WAH – Working at home WAM – Wait a minute WAYF – Where are you from? W/B – Write back WB – Welcome back WBU – What about you? WC – Who cares

What does the text message symbol mean?

Symbols in text messaging are meant to represent expressions by the sender. For example, some symbols can represent facial expressions so you will imagine as if the sender is actually in front of you. Other symbols are used to shorten words that otherwise would have been longer to send. /philip ice.