What does UCE mean in Samoan?

What does UCE mean in Samoan?

“Uce” comes from the Samoan word “uso” and is used when a man addresses another man as his brother, or a woman addresses another woman as her sister.

What is a sole Hawaiian?

sole (SO-leh) – A person of Samoan descent.

What’s an UCE?

UCE. [abbrev., Unsolicited Commercial Email] A widespread, more formal term for email spam.

What is Uncle slang for?

noun UK, informal A pawnbroker . noun colloquial A close male friend of the parents of a family. noun southern US, slang, archaic an older male African-American person. noun India, slang An affectionate name for an older man. interjection A cry used to indicate surrender.

What does sole girl mean?

noun, plural femes sole. Law. an unmarried woman, whether never married, widowed, or divorced. a married woman who is independent of her husband with respect to property.

What does SID stand for?


Acronym Definition
SID Security Identifier
SID Special Improvement District
SID Society for International Development
SID Safer Internet Day (Insafe)

What does UNLE mean?


Acronym Definition
UNLE Union Nationale Leucémie Espoir

Why do Altoids say uncle?

Thus, the essence of giving up, or surrendering, by crying “uncle” would result in his immediate release. I suspect that these cinnamon Altoids are so curiously strong as they may induce the eater to cry, “uncle”.

What is the dictionary definition of the word sole?

sole. verb. English Language Learners Definition of sole (Entry 2 of 2) : to put a new sole on (a shoe, boot, etc.) See the full definition for sole in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

Which is the best definition of the word sole authority?

2. belonging or pertaining to one individual or group to the exclusion of all others; exclusive: the sole right to the estate. 3. functioning automatically or with independent power: the sole authority. 4. Law. (of a woman) unmarried. 5. Archaic. having no companions; alone.

Which is the sole business of a company?

› being the only one: Investment trusts are companies whose sole business is investing. sole owner/director A company which has a sole director is required to have another person as its company secretary. The deal makes the bank the company’s sole agent in the region.