What is the College Fund Kicker?

What is the College Fund Kicker?

An individual’s branch of service may offer the College Fund (also known as a “kicker”) as part of an enlistment or reenlistment contract, or for other reasons they determine. The College Fund is an additional amount of money that increases an individual’s basic monthly benefit and is included in his or her VA payment.

How do I know if I qualify for a reserve Kicker?

MGIB Kicker Eligibility completing Initial Active Duty for Training (IADT) or Officer Basic Course (OBC) having a high school diploma or equivalent (before starting to draw GI Bill/Kicker benefits) enlisting into a valid, vacant position. having an ASVAB score of 50 of higher for Non-Prior Service (NPS) applicants.

What is the Army College Fund?

The Army College Fund (ACF) is an enlistment incentive option designed to aid in the recruitment of highly qualified Soldiers for critical or shortage Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). The ACF supplements the basic Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) entitlement.

What is a Kicker payment?

In real estate, a kicker is an added expense that must be paid on a mortgage in order to get a loan approved. An example would be an equity stake in the receipts of a retail or rental property. A kicker is also called a sweetener or a wrinkle.

How do I get my GI kicker?

How do I qualify?

  1. Be eligible for either Chapter 1606 or Chapter 30 GI Bill.
  2. Agree to serve in a current critical skill/critical unit or enter an officer commissioning program (ROTC, Officer, and Warrant Officer)
  3. Have a concurrent six-year service obligation from the date of the Kicker contract.

How is the Army College Fund paid out?

The Army College Fund as paid out in my enlistment contract will be paid in the same way on the Post 9/11 or MGIB. It will be deposited with the monthly housing payment. The Army College Fund is only paid under the MGIB, electing the Post 9/11 means giving up the ACF.

How do you get a kicker?

Who Is Eligible For The GI Bill Kicker

  1. Qualify for training in a selected Navy rating as a non-prior service enlistee.
  2. Enter active duty on or after November 21, 1989.
  3. Agree to serve on active duty for an additional time.
  4. Must be a high school graduate, no H.S.
  5. Achieve an AFQT score of 50 or higher.
  6. Be 17-35 years old.

What percent of my GI Bill do I get?

Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefit Tiers

Post-9/11 Service Percentage of Maximum Amount Payable
At least 30 months, but less than 36 months 90%
At least 24 months, but less than 30 month 80%
At least 18 months, but less than 24 months 70%
At least 6 months, but less than 18 months 60%

Is it worth joining the military to pay for school?

Being an active-duty service member or veteran not only entitles you to a variety of scholarships, but also loans, grants, and funding programs. Even if you’ve already attended college, enrolling in the military after earning your degree could result in a higher rank and assistance in paying back your student loans.

What does Npseb mean?

Non-Prior Service Enlistment Bonus (NPSEB) b. Prior Service Enlistment Bonus (PSEB) c. Enlisted Affiliation Bonus (EAB)

How do I get my DD Form 2384 1?

Simply call us at 888-777-4443. The first step towards receiving your GI Bill Selected Reserve benefits is to apply for a “Notice of Basic Eligibility”, or NOBE (DD Form 2384-1) through your unit. If your application is approved, the Education Office will send you the NOBE.