What is the responsibilities of CCTV operator?

What is the responsibilities of CCTV operator?

A CCTV (closed circuit television) operator works in a central control room, monitoring and controlling a bank of screens. These are linked to surveillance cameras placed in public places, buildings and places such as construction sites, to detect and prevent crime, and protect people.

What is the importance of CCTV in our daily lives?

This system is reliable, which means it is often used for traffic monitoring, building and grounds security, medical facilities and other important purposes. A CCTV camera can also be used to keep your home and its occupants safer. You can watch it from the monitor, a computer, and even your smartphone.

What a CCTV operator should know?

Operators must know how to operate their equipment to fully understand what they are working with. As they know how to operate their equipment, they are also responsible for deleting, organizing or switching the footage. CCTV Operators must learn how to write and report incidents.

Is being a CCTV operator a good job?

Modern CCTV has become a reliable source of evidence Crime seems less appealing when there’s a better chance of getting caught. CCTV has created a societal culture where people feel more accountable for what they do. CCTV training provides operators with important skills for working with CCTV equipment.

What skills do you need to be a CCTV operator?

Excellent communication skills are required both written and verbal. It is important the Security Officer is calm under pressure. It is essential that the Operator has CCTV experience. Comprehensive working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Outlook, Excel and Word.

What are the disadvantages of CCTV?

One of the biggest disadvantages of CCTV use deals with privacy, especially when used in the workplace. While it may be there to help keep employees and customers safe, they may object to being filmed under constant surveillance. Employees may also feel like they aren’t trusted, which is not good for business.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of CCTV cameras?


  • Pros 1: Deter Crime.
  • Pros 2: Monitor Scenarios and Activities.
  • Pros 3: Gather Evidence.
  • Pros 4: Arrive at the Right Decisions.
  • Pros 5: Maintain Records.
  • Cons 1: Privacy Is an Issue.
  • Cons 2: It Can be a Costly Affair.
  • Cons 3: They Can be Vulnerable.

Can police identify you from CCTV?

The Use of CCTV To Identify Suspects. It is quite common for a police officer to view CCTV footage and purport to identify a suspect. In other cases, an officer may compare a photograph of a person with CCTV footage, and by prolonged viewing conclude that the images are of the same person.

How much does a CCTV operator earn?

The average Cctv operator salary in London is £26,732. This is 14.5% more than the average national salary for Cctv operator jobs.

Where is CCTV most commonly used?

Some common uses for CCTV technology include:

  • Home Security. Homes with security camera surveillance are far less likely to be burglarized or vandalized than those without.
  • Business Surveillance.
  • Traffic Monitoring.
  • Analog Security Systems.
  • IP Security Systems.
  • Why Use CCTV Technology.

What is a disadvantage of CCTV?

One of the biggest disadvantages of CCTV use deals with privacy, especially when used in the workplace. While it may be there to help keep employees and customers safe, they may object to being filmed under constant surveillance. Another disadvantage of CCTV is the cost.

What’s the job description of a CCTV operator?

CCTV Operators are mainly responsible for operating and maintaining surveillance equipment, watching both live and recorded video surveillance footage, reporting incidents or suspicious behavior and contacting the authorities when necessary.

What kind of software do CCTV operators use?

In many cases, CCTV Operators will need to communicate with Security Guards, Supervisors or Managers via a radio receiver. A number of the programs in the Microsoft Office software suite, such as Excel and Word, are important tools for CCTV Operators when writing reports or recording data.

What are the duties of a security control room operator?

Depending on the site the security systems operator may require to install the CCTV system. Constantly focus and monitor the site activities via CCTV or other surveillance systems. Respond to the intrusion alarm by instructing the team. Control remotely such as gate, doors, or other access points. Be high-level vigilance

When do I need to retrieve CCTV footage?

If the incident requires further investigation, the CCTV operator may need to retrieve the recorded footage from the backup. Every company has the security policy and procedure for every matter which concerns the security and safe of the organization. At the time of the following situation, you may require to provide the recorded data;