What shakespearean play is referenced in Away?

What shakespearean play is referenced in Away?

With the help of references to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer night’s Dream, Away uses Gwen and Coral to show the significant psychological changes made by the characters during holidays to the coast.

Who wrote the play away?

Michael Gow

When was away written?

Away is a play written by the Australian playwright Michael Gow. First performed by the Griffin Theatre Company in 1986, it tells the story of three internally conflicted families holidaying on the coast for Christmas, 1968….Away (play)

Author Michael Gow
Publication date 1986
Media type Print (Paperback)
ISBN 978-0-86819-211-6

Where is the play away set?

Set in late-1960s Australia, three families embark on life-changing vacations in Michael Gow’s classic play, Away.

Who is the author of the play away?

Away was written by Australian playwright Michael Gow. It was first published and produced in 1986. Students will need to understand that although the play is set in 1967–8 it was written from a 1980s perspective, and that they are viewing the play from another perspective again.

When is away by May Brit Akerholt set?

Away is set in Australia in 1967–8. Students will need to be aware of this context to more fully understand the meaning of the play. Read and discuss page xi of May-Brit Akerholt’s introduction to the play in the Currency edition (1988).

Who is Rick from away in the book?

At a fancy hotel, Coral falls in with a young man named Rick, who is at the hotel for his honeymoon. Eventually, Coral and he begin a brief fling, and when Roy discovers it, he threatens Coral with electroshock therapy and institutionalization.

What happens at the end of the book away?

Suddenly, a large storm tears through the campsite, and Meg, Gwen, and Jim are forced to save what they can and flee. Tom’s family, on the other hand, misses the storm and quietly enjoys both their vacation and their gifts on a secluded beach.