What was Edward Stratemeyer other big creation?

What was Edward Stratemeyer other big creation?

Edward Stratemeyer
Nationality American
Genre Adventure, mystery, science fiction
Notable works Creator of the book series: • The Bobbsey Twins • Bomba, the Jungle Boy • The Colonial Series • The Dana Girls • Dave Dashaway • Don Sturdy • The Hardy Boys • Jack Ranger • Nancy Drew • The Rover Boys • Tom Swift

How many books did Franklin W Dixon wrote?

But by the time he had written 21 books, many readers knew his name anyway. Before he died, he worried that he would be remembered primarily for his work on the Hardy Boys, instead of the films he directed and the series books that bear his name. Unfortunately, he was right. Still, there are some unexpected benefits.

Did Carolyn Keene write all the Nancy Drew books?

The writers initially were paid $125 for each book and were required by their contract to give up all rights to the work and to maintain confidentiality. Benson is credited as the primary writer of Nancy Drew books under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene….

Carolyn Keene
Genre Mystery
Subject Writing books

Who wrote the Hardy Boys?

Franklin W. Dixon
David L. Robbins
Hardy Boys/Authors

Hardy Boys novels by Franklin W. Dixon, wasn’t aware of the changes. Hardy Boys ghostwriter Leslie McFarlane was told about the changes by a Toronto reporter more than three decades after he wrote most of the books.

Is Franklin W Dixon alive?

Deceased (1862–1930)
Edward Stratemeyer/Living or Deceased

Who actually wrote Hardy Boys?

Hardy Boys novels by Franklin W. Even the author of the first group of Hardy Boys books, the man behind the pen name Franklin W. Dixon, wasn’t aware of the changes. Hardy Boys ghostwriter Leslie McFarlane was told about the changes by a Toronto reporter more than three decades after he wrote most of the books.

Who is Nancy Drew’s boyfriend?

Ned Nickerson
Nancy Drew/Significant others
Ned Nickerson is a fictional character in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series written under the collective pseudonym “Carolyn Keene”. Ned is often referred to as Nancy Drew’s boyfriend.

How old was Nancy Drew in the original books?

Nancy Drew is a fictional amateur sleuth. In the original versions of the series, she is a 16-year-old high school graduate, and in later versions, is rewritten and aged to be an 18-year-old high school graduate and detective.

What is the rarest Nancy Drew book?

Wanderer Hardcover Editions #57-78 were published by Wanderer in hardcover with dust jacket. Most of the books were sold to libraries, so it is very hard to find a Wanderer hardcover book that is not a library discard. These books are almost always described as RARE, but #78 is the only book that is RARE.

Does Nancy Drew break up with Ned?

In volume eight, Nancy suspects Ned of gambling. Ned gets angry and they break up. But in the later volume, Ned and Nancy meet together in a case and unite again.

Who was the author of the Hardy Boys?

Hardy Boys. Edward Stratemeyer originally conceived and plotted the series. More than four dozen novels about the Hardys were written by “Franklin W. Dixon”—the pseudonym used by a series of writers—and were distributed by the Stratemeyer Literary Syndicate. Publication of the series was continuous from 1927, when….

What was the first book Edward P Jones wrote?

His first book, Lost in the City, is a collection of short stories about the African-American working class in 20th-century Washington, D.C. In the early stories are some who are like first-generation immigrants, as they have come to the city as part of the Great Migration from the rural South.

What kind of books does Edward Marston write?

Under the Edward Marston name, he has written the “Home Front Detective” series, the “Bow Street Rivals”, the “Railway Detective” series, the “Captain Rawson” series, the “Domesday” series, the “Restoration” series, and the “Elizabethan Theatre” series (which is also called the “Nicholas Bracewell” series, its namesake stars).

When did Edward Stratemeyer write his first book?

His first book, Richard Dare’s Venture, appeared in 1894, the first in a series, and about 1896 he began writing concurrently several series, such as the Rover Boys’ Series for Young Americans, beginning in 1899, and the Boy Hunters Series, beginning in 1906. Over the years he wrote hundreds of books and stories.