What were the causes for the rise of the new right quizlet?

What were the causes for the rise of the new right quizlet?

What were some of the events and conditions that occurred that led to the rise of the New Right? Searching for order in economic crisis, political realignment, rapid social change, including rising living standards, nuclear family, sexual conservatism.

What was the New Right quizlet?

The Final Act of the Helsinki conference in 1975 in which the thirty-five nations participating agreed that Europe’s existing political frontiers could not be changed by force. They also solemnly accepted numerous provisions guaranteeing the human rights and political freedoms of their citizens.

What were the main concerns of the Moral Majority?

Moral Majority portrayed issues such as abortion, divorce, feminism, gay and lesbian rights, and the Equal Rights Amendment as attacks on the traditional concept and values of American families and tapped into a sense of societal moral decay that resonated with many evangelicals.

What was the conservative coalition and what did it do?

The Conservative Coalition was an unofficial Congressional coalition founded in 1937, which brought together the conservative wing of the Republican Party (which was by then the largest wing of the Republican party) and the conservative wing of the Democratic Party (mostly Southern Democrats).

How did the New Right emerge?

The word “New Right” appeared during the 1964 presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater to designate “the emergence, in response to liberalism (in the American sense of the term [i.e. social liberalism]), of an uninhibited right: ultraconservative, imbued with religious values, openly populist, anti-egalitarian, and …

What was the New Right and what did the election of Ronald Reagan mean for this movement quizlet?

Ronald Reagan. Part of the New Right, a movement that revived confidence in the free markets and called for a smaller government role in economic regulation and social welfare. (The movement was started by grassroots conservative activists in the 1960s and 1970s, which helped bring Reagan into office).

What were the beliefs of the New Right?

It is identified by positive views regarding democracy, personal freedom, free-market capitalism, reduction of bureaucracy, privatization of state-run companies, tax cuts, parliamentary, political reform. It rejects “cultural Marxism”, Socialism of the 21st century and Populism.

What was the Moral Majority quizlet?

The Moral Majority was an organization formed by televangelists were Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and consisted mostly of evangelical and fundamentalist Chrsitians who interpreted the Bible literally and believed in absolute standars of right and wrong.

What was the result of the Reagan tax cut quizlet?

Economic policies of Reagan: tax cuts, decreased social spending, increased military spending, and deregulation of domestic markets. “Supply side economics” and “trickle down theory” = expenses of corporations are reduced, the savings will trickle down to the economy. You just studied 6 terms!

What was Reagan’s appeal to voters quizlet?

What was Reagan’s appeal to voters? Reagan wanted to get our troops out of Vietnam instead of fighting their war. How did a Republican Senate help Republicans change the legislative agenda? Now it was more geared towards less government, lower taxes and traditional values.

When did the New Right emerge?

Which is not an important concern of the new right?

Which of the these social issues was not an important concern that the New Right hoped to constrict or eliminate through legal action? a. Divorce b. Pornography d. Abortion

Why was the New Right movement so important?

Additionally, New Right conservatives often blamed the nation’s ills on liberalism, which they saw as contributing to the mismanagement and corruption of the federal government.

What did the new right stand for in the 1960s?

Dubbed the New Right partly in contrast to the New Left counterculture of the 1960s, the New Right consisted of conservative activists who voiced opposition on a variety of issues, including abortion, homosexuality, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), the Panama Canal Treaty, affirmative action, and most forms of taxation.

Who are the members of the new right?

New Right. New Right, grassroots coalition of American conservatives that collectively led what scholars often refer to as the “conservative ascendancy” or “ Republican ascendancy” of the late 20th century. Dubbed the New Right partly in contrast to the New Left counterculture of the 1960s, the New Right consisted of conservative activists…