When did Jackie Robinson leave college?

When did Jackie Robinson leave college?

Robinson enrolled at Pasadena City College in 1937 and quickly dominated Pasadena sports before transferring to UCLA in 1939 on an athletic scholarship. Winning letters in four sports – baseball, football, basketball and track – family obligations swayed him to leave school in 1941, before earning his degree.

Did Jackie Robinson have a college degree?

University of California, Los Angeles1939–1941
Pasadena City College1937–1939John Muir Technical High School1935–1937Washington STEAM Multilingual Academy1931–1935
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Did Jackie Robinson drop out of UCLA?

After financial difficulties forced Robinson to drop out of UCLA, he joined the army in 1942 and was commissioned as a second lieutenant. After protesting instances of racial discrimination during his military service, Robinson was court-martialed in 1944. Ultimately, though, he was honorably discharged.

Where did Jackie Robinson go to college?

Pasadena City College1937–1939
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Why was Jackie Robinson honorably discharged?

In November of 1944, based on the ankle injury, Jackie received an honorable discharge from the Army due to “physical disqualification.” A year later, in 1945, Jackie Robinson was selected by Branch Rickey to break the Major League color barrier.

What are 5 facts about Jackie Robinson?

42 Facts About Jackie Robinson

  • Jackie Robinson was born in Georgia but raised in California.
  • Jackie Robinson was named after Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Jackie Robinson was the youngest of five children.
  • In high school, Jackie Robinson played on a team with other future Hall of Famers Ted Williams and Bob Lemon.

What is Jackie Robinson personality?

Jackie was the first black man to play professional baseball, and his nonviolent actions and his values helped open the door for many to follow. Courage, determination, teamwork, persistence, integrity, citizenship, justice, commitment, and excellence.

What obstacles did Jackie Robinson face?

One of the biggest difficulty Jackie Robinson had in his life was racism because he was black. At the time African Americans did not have the same rights as white Americans.

How many children did Jackie Robinson have?

As Robinson made his career in the major leagues, the couple faced mounting racism, from insults to death threats. Later in life, both Jackie and Rachel became actively involved in the civil rights movement. Jackie and Rachel had three children together: Jack, Sharon and David.

What high school did Jackie Robinson attend?

Robinson spent his first two years of high school at Rainier Beach High School in Seattle before moving to Union City, California where he played for James Logan High School in 2000–01.

When did Jackie Robinson retire from baseball?

Robinson retired from baseball on January 5, 1957. Since Robinson had sold exclusive rights to any retirement story to Look magazine two years previously, his retirement decision was revealed through the magazine, instead of through the Dodgers organization.