When did Julie and Ben break up?

When did Julie and Ben break up?

She broke up with Ben some time between The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2 and The More Things Change: Part 1.

Who is Tennyson’s girlfriend?

Kai Green
Julie Yamamoto
Ben Tennyson/Significant others

Who does Ben 10 have a crush on?

Kai Green
Ben Tennyson and Kai Green are one of the main couples in the franchise. At first, only Ben had a crush on Kai as opposed to Kai who only liked his alien forms. However, over time they developed feelings for each other.

Who is Ben’s wife?

Kai Green is Ben’s wife, the mother of Ken and Gwendolyn Tennyson, and one of Kai’s possible futures from an alternate timeline.

Do Julie and Ben break up?

Julie, believing Ben broke up with her, turns off her phone. In the present, they’ve officially broken up and are no longer a couple. However, they agreed to be friends.

Are Kevin and Gwen dating?

In Alien Swarm they are dating, but Ben doesn’t get what Gwen sees in Kevin. Gwen also kissed Kevin on the cheek when he found the nanochips. At the beginning of the movie, he also briefly protected her from the nanochips.

Who was Ben 10s first crush?

Elena Validus
Elena Validus She is mentioned by Gwen as Ben’s first crush, though this contradicts what was seen in the original series, as Ben met Elena when he was thirteen, while he met Kai when he was ten, but Kai never actually liked Ben.

Is Gwen older than Ben?

Gwen was originally developed to be a classmate, best friend and potential romantic interest of Ben’s accompanying on his road trip with his grandfather. Later in development, she was changed to be his cousin, the pair being exactly the same age.

Do Ben and Julie break up?

Is Grace pregnant with Danny’s baby?

Grace Stone became pregnant during ‘Manifest’ So, it could’ve been Ben’s baby, but it could’ve been Danny’s baby. Ben and Grace Stone decided to get a test to ensure the biological father. However, when Grace started experiencing callings, the answer regarding paternity became clear.

Is Grace’s Baby Bens or Danny’s?

On a far lighter note, the plot twist offered a fun, unexpected and frankly sweet way for the Stones to realize that Grace’s baby is indeed Ben’s. “That’s exactly right. It allowed us to reveal the paternity in a way that was uniquely Manifest,” Rake smiles.

How old is Kevin in alien force?

16-year old
Although no explanation is given for his return from the Null Void or change in powers, Kevin Ethan Levin returns as a 16-year old teenager in Ben 10: Alien Force. He serves as Ben and Gwen Tennyson’s knowledgeable teammate, and the latter’s primary love interest.

How are Ben and Julie related in save the Last Dance?

In Save the Last Dance, Julie and Ben, both seem to accept truly that they share the “boyfriend-girlfriend” title. Julie tries to help Ben by following his alien form wherever it went, just to make Ben feel better. She also openly accepted that if there was any problem in Ben’s life, she would be always there for him.

What did Julie say to Ben at the end of pet project?

At the end of the episode, when Kevin teases Ben of being a “mother”, Julie unsarcastically tells Ben that he made a great mommy. In this episode, the actual love story of Ben and Julie starts. In Pet Project, Julie seemed to have felt Ben to be very honest, polite, kind and cute.

Why was Julie kidnapped in Revenge of the swarm?

In Revenge of the Swarm, Julie was kidnapped by Elena Validus in order to keep Ben from her. Later, when Ben saves Julie, she convinces Elena to stop her nanochip activity if she really loves Ben. After Elena kills herself to save Ben’s life, Julie comforts him before they drive home.

How did Ben and Julie find out about the Omnitrix?

Their date is interrupted when an alien named Ship kidnaps Julie. During the rescue attempt, Julie finds out about the Omnitrix and finds it cool instead of running away like Ben thought. They then decide to keep Ship and went home holding each other’s hand.