Where does Alexander Van der Bellen live?

Where does Alexander Van der Bellen live?

Since December 2015 Van der Bellen has been married to a longtime friend and managing director of the Greens Club, Doris Schmidauer. He lives in Vienna and in Kaunertal, Tyrol.

When did Alexander Van der Bellen become President of Austria?

Alexander Van der Bellen (born 18 January 1944) is an Austrian politician and economist. On 23 May 2016, he was elected the President-elect of Austria. However, after this, the court said the results had been wrong. He redid the election, and on 4 December 2016, he won even better.

Who is the leader of Austria?

The current officeholder is Sebastian Kurz, who was sworn in as chancellor on 7 January 2020 by President Alexander Van der Bellen. His predecessor Brigitte Bierlein served at the helm of a non-party cabinet until a new coalition government was formed and sworn in the wake of the 2019 elections.

Who was Duke Metternich?

Klemens von Metternich

His Most Serene Highness The Prince of Metternich-Winneburg zu Beilstein
Portrait by Thomas Lawrence, 1815
Chancellor of the Austrian Empire
In office 25 May 1821 – 13 March 1848
Monarch Francis I Ferdinand I

Who is the leader of Switzerland?

Guy Parmelin was elected President of the Swiss Confederation for 2021 on 9 December 2020. It is his first term as president.

Who is currently in power in Austria?

Executive branch

Office Name Since
President Alexander Van der Bellen 26 January 2017
Chancellor Sebastian Kurz 7 January 2020
Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler 7 January 2020

When did Alexander van der Bellen move to Vienna?

In 1976 Van der Bellen became associate professor at the University of Innsbruck, where he remained until 1980. During this time he moved to Vienna to study and research from 1977 to 1980 at the Federal Academy of Public Administration.

What kind of policies does Alexander van der Bellen support?

Van der Bellen has described himself as a centrist liberal and supports green and social liberal policies. As discussed in his 2015 book, he is supportive of the European Union and advocates European federalism.

Why does Geert van der Bellen want to accept refugees?

Van der Bellen has argued that Europe should accept refugees who have fled to Europe from war zones in Syria and elsewhere, and has often mentioned his own background as the son of refugees in debates.

How did Alexander van der Bellen get his Estonian passport?

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have stated that Van der Bellen could get back his Estonian passport at any time. This is possible because Van der Bellen’s parents were citizens of Estonia as of 16 June 1940; children of such parents are automatically accepted as citizens.