Where is Diego Forlan from?

Where is Diego Forlan from?

Montevideo, Uruguay
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Diego Forlán, (born May 19, 1979, Montevideo, Uruguay), Uruguayan football (soccer) player who was awarded the Golden Ball as the standout player at the 2010 World Cup.

Why is Diego Forlan famous?

In 2008-09, Forlan won the Pichichi Trophy after scoring 32 goals in 33 La Liga matches, as well as the European Golden Boot. After his 31st birthday, the Uruguay hitman won the Golden Ball, the Golden Boot and Goal of the Tournament at the 2010 World Cup. That was 10 years after United brought Forlan to Europe.

Why did Forlan leave United?

“He understood my reasons and told me many times since that he wished I’d stayed, but at the time, I needed to play more football. It was my decision to leave.” Forlan was waved off with newspapers highlighting his unenviable record of 17 goals in 98 United appearances across all competitions.

What age is Diego Forlan?

42 years (May 19, 1979)
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Was Forlan a flop?

1. Diego Forlan. Wherever you look, a list of Premier League flops is likely to include Diego Forlan. It was there that Forlan had arguably his best spell, scoring 96 goals in 198 games, and winning the 2009/10 Europa League — scoring both goals in Atletico’s 2-1 win over Fulham.

Who is Uruguay’s highest goal?

Uruguay national football team

Most caps Diego Godín (148)
Top scorer Luis Suárez (64)
Home stadium Estadio Centenario
FIFA ranking

Who is the greatest Uruguayan player of all time?

FIFA World Cup countdown: Top 10 Uruguayan footballers of all…

  • Obdulio Varela (1939-54, 45 caps, nine goals)
  • Jose Leandro Andrade (1923-30, 34 caps, one goal)
  • Enzo Francescoli (1982-97, 73 caps, 17 goals)
  • Jose Nasazzi (1923-37, 41 caps, no goals)
  • Pedro Rocha (1961-74, 52 caps, 17 goals)

Who won 2010 FIFA?

Spain national football team
2010 FIFA World Cup/Champion

Who is Argentina’s top scorer?

Lionel Messi
BUENOS AIRES (AP) — Argentine star Lionel Messi became the top international goal scorer in South American history on Thursday, overtaking Brazil’s Pelé.

Where did Diego Forlan start his football career?

Forlán began his career in his native Uruguay as a youth player with Peñarol and Danubio, before joining Argentine club Independiente. After rising through their youth team and after a successful four-year spell, he sealed a move to England with Manchester United in 2002.

Who are the fathers of Diego Forlan of Uruguay?

Diego Forlán and Youri Djorkaeff were, respectively, members of the Uruguay and France squads that met in the 2002 World Cup, in Group A. Their respective fathers, Pablo and Jean , featured in the match between Uruguay and France at the 1966 World Cup , which was also in Group A.

Why did Diego Forlan become a cult hero?

Those goals against Liverpool and splendid late winners against Southampton and Chelsea were just reward for Forlan’s graft. Like so many cult heroes, what the forward lacked in abiity and luck, he compensated for with spirit, determination and hard graft. That’s enough for some people.

How many goals has Diego Forlan scored for Manchester United?

Hardly prolific, but certainly more creditable. Unfortunately for Forlan, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer halfway through his sixth and most prolific season for United, and Ruud van Nistelrooy already on 24 goals by the time he joined, starting opportunities were hard to come by.