Who gets the reward in the whipping boy?

Who gets the reward in the whipping boy?

potato man
They trick the highwaymen into the most dangerous sewer, where rats attack them. Afterward, the prince decides that he wants to finally go home. When they return to Captain Nips, Horace reveals himself as a prince and suggests that the potato man collect the reward for capturing the whipping boy.

Who captured the Prince and Jemmy?

Once in the woods, Jemmy and Prince Brat are captured by two scoundrels, Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater. The scoundrels plot to use Jemmy, whom they assume is royalty because he can write, as a hostage to obtain ransom money and jewels from the king.

Why is the prince angry after Jemmy is whipped?

Why doesn’t Jemmy yelp or cry out when he is being whipped? It was against the law to whip a prince. Therefore, whenever the prince needed to be punished, the common boy took the punishment for him. The prince had an easy life, never got punished, & it was dark outside.

Why is the prince called Prince Brat?

Prince Brat is called by his nickname because of his bratty actions. Jemmy is responsible and takes the punishment for Prince Brat.

What is the moral of the whipping boy?

As the story begins, the prince’s prank introduces the reader to the whipping boy and the theme of power begins. Neither boy has chosen his situation in life. In return, Prince Brat exudes power over the whipping boy by misbehaving.

Who is Petunia in the whipping boy?

Prince Horace
The Whipping Boy/Characters

What was the problem in the whipping boy?

The main conflict in the novel is between Jemmy and Prince Brat, who each have their own reasons for escaping the castle but don’t always agree between themselves.

What did Jemmy say to the prince to keep him from getting mad?

What did Jemmy say to the prince to keep him from getting mad? Jemmy tells the prince that he knew Cutwater would follow him and have the prance free to escape. You just studied 24 terms!

What was the purpose of a whipping boy?

A whipping boy was a boy educated alongside a prince (or boy monarch) in early modern Europe, who received corporal punishment for the prince’s transgressions in his presence.

Is the whipping boy a true story?

The Whipping Boy is a slim historical fiction novel that won the Newbery Medal back in 1987. It’s the story of Prince Horace, also called Prince Brat, who often misbehaves on purpose in order to see his whipping boy, Jemmy, get punished.

What happens to Prince Brat in the whipping boy?

The King then tells Jemmy that Prince Brat credits him with his safe return; from now on he is under the pronce’s protection and will not be whipped anymore. The boys are now fast friends and the prince has definitely caught his father’s attention. As for the highwaymen, they were last seen stowing away on a ship bound for a convict island.

Why did Jemmy lead the Prince down into the sewers?

As they are beginning to enjoy themselves at the fair they see Cuttwater and Hold-Your-Nose Billy coming towards them so Jemmy leads the prince down into the sewers to hide. The ruffians follow them but are sent off in the wrong direction by a rat catcher they encounter. The men do not fall for this ploy and catch up with the boys again.

What did Jemmy say to the Prince to keep him mad?

He met a bear. What did Jemmy say to the prince to keep him from getting mad? Jemmy tells the prince that he knew Cutwater would follow him and have the prance free to escape. What was the name of the bear?

Where does Jemmy lead the boys in the whipping boy?

Jemmy leads them into the tunnels where the biggest rats are and the men get bitten which enables the boys to escape back put into the sunshine. Jemmy learns that there is a price on his head and is saddened when Prince Brat orders Betsy and Captaon Nips to take them back to the castle and turn Jemmy in.