Who plays sapphire in the dumping ground?

Who plays sapphire in the dumping ground?

Saffron Marni Coomber
Saffron Marni Coomber (born 15 November 1994) is an English actress, best known for her role as Sapphire Fox in Tracy Beaker Returns from 2010 to 2012. She also portrayed Alexa Smith in EastEnders from 2012 to 2013….Filmography.

Year 2015
Title The Dumping Ground Dish Up
Role Sapphire Fox
Notes Regular role

How old is Sapphire from Tracy Beaker?

17 years old
‘Sapphire ”Seff’ Fox is 17 years old (16 when left) and is the oldest of the DG kids.

How old is Saffron Coomber?

26 years (November 15, 1994)
Saffron Coomber/Age

Is Saffron Coomber in strike?

Saffron has worked extensively in screen, with one of her first major roles as Sapphire Fox for three years in Tracy Beaker Returns on CBBC, and among her recent roles, she has filmed for Flack, Strike: Lethal White and Small Axe.

Is Sapphire in my mum Tracy Beaker?

Sapphire Fox Coomber did not return for the Tracy Beaker Returns spin-off, The Dumping Ground. Sapphire is tall and of mixed race.

Did Gus Carmichael have autism?

Gus Carmichael is 11 played by Noah Murullo. Gus has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Austism, which makes him eager to keep tidy, and know everything that is going on. He is socially awkward because of his Autism, but the majority of people enjoy having him around.

Who is Tracy Beaker baby daddy?

Jess was born to her mother, Tracy, and father, Si. Before Tracy gave birth to Jess, her parents separated, leaving Tracy as a single parent.

Is Frank from The Dumping Ground really disabled?

Frank was born with Cerebral Palsy and as a child, he lived with his grandfather Eric.

Is Gus in The Dumping Ground autistic?

In 2009, he was given the role of Gus Carmichael in the CBBC show Tracy Beaker Returns, a sequel to The Story of Tracy Beaker. His character, Gus, has autism spectrum disorder, which Marullo said was “what is so great about Tracy Beaker: it helps children understand that everyone is different”.

Is Tracy Beaker realistic?

What seems apparent from these comments is that there is a conflict between the lived experience and the fictional story. The Tracy Beaker novels and TV series are written or rather set up with a particular conflict that is resolved either at the end of a chapter or episode more often idealistic rather than realistic.