Who was the youngest female convict on the First Fleet?

Who was the youngest female convict on the First Fleet?

Elizabeth Hayward
Beth – The Story of a Child Convict, is an incredibly moving tale inspired by the experiences of Elizabeth Hayward, the youngest female convict on the First Fleet and the journals of naval officer William Bradley and Arthur Bowes Smyth, the surgeon and artist also onboard.

Who was the second youngest convict on the First Fleet?

Mary Wade
Mary Wade (17 December 1775 – 17 December 1859) was a British woman who was only 13 years old when transported to Australia. She was the youngest convict aboard Lady Juliana, part of the Second Fleet….

Mary Wade
Born 17 December 1775 St Margaret’s, Westminster, Middlesex, England, Great Britain

Who was the youngest convict on the Lady Penrhyn?

Elizabeth Hayward. was the youngest female convict, at 13, on the First Fleet. She received seven years transportation at the Old Bailey in January 1787, for being accused of stealing clothes from the clog maker she was working for.

What was the average age on the First Fleet?

The average age of the convicts was about 27 years. Only a few of the First Fleet convicts were dangerous criminals.

Why was the Second Fleet called the death Fleet?

It’s no surprise the Second Fleet was known as ‘The Death Fleet. Of 928 male convicts on Neptune, Scarborough and Surprize, 26 per cent died on the voyage and nearly 40 per cent were dead within months of their arrival in the colony. This shocking mortality rate was nearly ten times that of the First Fleet voyage.

How many babies were born on the first fleet?

Convict transport It is estimated there were about 50 children on the First Fleet when it arrived at Botany Bay. Over 20 children were born at sea during the eight-month voyage.

What did child convicts eat?

Aboriginal food sources Convicts called their midday meal ‘dinner’, and they often returned from their worksites to eat it at 1pm. It was usually 450 grams of salted meat (either mutton or beef), cooked again into a stew, and some bread.

How many died on the First Fleet?

The eleven ships which arrived on 26 January 1788 are known as the First Fleet. They carried around 1400 convicts, soldiers and free people. The journey from England to Australia took 252 days and there were around 48 deaths on the voyage.

How many babies were born on the First Fleet?

What is the death Fleet?

Who was the youngest convict on the First Fleet?

Sarah Phillips was found not guilty, but Elizabeth was sent to Newgate Prison to await transportation to Botany Bay. When the First Fleet sailed, Elizabeth was aboard the Lady Penrhyn and thus became the youngest female convict on the First Fleet.

Who was the youngest convict in NSW history?

A John Hudson is marked off stores on 24 October 1795 at Port Jackson but his name has not been found in further records, so it remains a mystery what happened to young John Hudson, a sometimes chimney sweeper, who was the youngest convict at the time of sentencing, and possibly the youngest male convict for NSW.

Who are the passengers on the First Fleet?

First Fleet Ships and Passengers 1 Alexander 2 Borrowdale 3 Charlotte 4 Fishburn 5 Friendship 6 Golden Grove 7 HMS Sirius 8 Supply 9 Lady Penrhyn 10 Prince of Wales

Who was the First Fleet Fellowship Victoria Inc?

First Fleet Fellowship Victoria Inc. Elizabeth Hayward. Our story begins with the birth of a daughter to Samuel and Elizabeth Haywood, on 20 July 1773 in Stepney, of the Parish of St Mary White Chapel, whom they named Elizabeth.