Why did Ashley and Bernice split?

Why did Ashley and Bernice split?

The character had an eight-year break from the show after her marriage to village vicar Ashley Thomas broke down after Bernice suffered with postnatal depression in 2004.

What happened to Ashley from Emmerdale?

In March 2017 the character was diagnosed with pneumonia and the Thomas family were given the tragic news that he did not have long left to live. Ashley died peacefully at home with Laurel a month later, after 21 years on the soap, managing to remember who she was miraculously before his passing.

How old is Laurel Thomas?

Laurel was born on 31st May 1974, making her 46-years-old. The actress who plays her, Charlotte Bellamy, was born on 19th March 1973, so she is just over a year older than her character at 48.

How did Laurel come into Emmerdale?

Biography. Laurel arrives at Marlon Dingle and Tricia Stokes’ engagement party, dressed as a bumblebee. She collapses halfway through her act and is to be rushed to hospital. Laurel then moves in with pensioners Betty Eagleton and Seth Armstrong.

Does Bernice in Emmerdale wear a wig?

Emmerdale star Samantha Giles has revealed that her character Bernice Blackstock’s wig is no more. Samantha has been wearing a wig since her return to the soap as Bernice, after Covid restrictions prevented her from getting her hair styled on set.

Who is Ashley from Emmerdale married to?

Ashley Thomas in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale. Middleton remained in the role from 1996 to 2017 and with a brief return in 2018 for two episodes….John Middleton (actor)

John Middleton
Television Coronation Street (1993, 1995) Emmerdale (1996–2018)
Political party Labour Party (since 1982)
Spouse(s) Christine Middleton (1983–present)

Who lives in the vicarage in Emmerdale?

The vicarage was a house which the vicar of St. Mary’s Church would live in.

Is Laurel on Emmerdale pregnant in real life?

Is laurel in Emmerdale pregnant in real life 2020? Charlotte Bellamy, who plays Laurel Thomas in ITV1 soap Emmerdale, has confirmed she is expecting her third baby.

How many children did Laurel have?

Who are Laurel’s children? Laurel has two biological children and a stepdaughter Gabby, who she raised since she was young.

Did Laurel in Emmerdale lose a baby?

Laurel later breaks the news to Ashley that she didn’t miscarry and is still pregnant, but they decide to keep it quiet. When Ashley is about to tell the news to her dad, Laurel says they are getting married.

Does Laurel in Emmerdale keep the baby?

I will bring up your baby, on my own if need be,” she said. “And then you can go back to your life, your plans, go back to uni.” However, Gabby jumped in and told her again she’d made a decision and that she was keeping the baby.

Why has Bernice from Emmerdale got a wig on?

Samantha previously explained the reasoning behind the wig, telling Metro.co.uk that she’s got ‘thick, wiry frizzy hair,’ and cannot do it herself. ‘I just can’t do it!,’ she told us. ‘Obviously Bernice is a hairdresser, so she is not going to be seen looking anything less than having her coiffed look, if you like! ‘