Why does Jimmy decide to go to Elmore after being released?

Why does Jimmy decide to go to Elmore after being released?

He has no special reason for moving to that particular town, but his choice shapes his destiny. He falls in love at first sight with the beautiful Annabel Adams and decides to “go straight” because he knows a girl of her high moral standards would never associate with a criminal.

How did Jimmy Valentine prosper in Elmore?

Expert Answers When Jimmy Valentine descends from the “mail-hack” in Elmore, Arkansas, he soon becomes “another man”: He successfully opens a shoe store and gains the love of Annabel Adams, the approval of her father, and is eventually able to completely abandon his former life.

In what way did Jimmy Valentine change at Elmore?

Unlock When “A Retrieved Reformation” begins, Jimmy Valentine is a career criminal. After receiving a pardon and being released from prison, he proceeds to return to his criminal ways. This all changes when he comes to Elmore and then catches sight of Annabel Adams.

Why does Jimmy change when he arrives in Elmore Arkansas?

Why does Jimmy change when he arrives in Elmore, Arkansas? He falls in love. He sells his tools. He gets a better job.

Why does Jimmy see Mike Dolan?

In ‘A Retrieved Reformation,’ Jimmy Valentine goes to Mike Dolan’s cafe to retrieve his burglar’s tools, which Jimmy thinks are ”the finest set of…

How exactly does Jimmy get freed from his jail time?

Synopsis. Safecracker Jimmy Valentine was released from prison after serving less than ten months of a four year sentence, due to his criminal connections. He goes to his old apartment, packs up his tools, and leaves.

What did Jimmy Valentine do immediately after his release?

Expert Answers Immediately after he is released from prison, Jimmy continues committing burglaries. He doesn’t appear to have changed, and he certainly demonstrates no guilt regarding his actions. The text tells us that the first place he visits after he gets out of prison is Mike Dolan’s restaurant and inn.

Why did Jimmy have a strange smile on his face when Annabel asked him to save Agatha?

When he asked for the rose she was wearing, it was a sentimental request. He wanted something to remember her by. At that point he did not seem to know that Ben Price was waiting in the outer room of the bank to arrest him for the three burglaries he had committed in Indiana right after being released from prison.

Which bank did Jimmy Rob first?

Henry implies subtly that Jimmy intends at first to rob the Elmore Bank, before he finds out the girl he’s just fallen in love at first sight with is the banker’s daughter.

Was Jimmy Valentine a success in Almora How can you tell?

Answer: Yes, Jimmy Valentine success in Elmore. The clerk was impressed by Jimmy’s clothes and manner. Yes there ought to be a good opening in the shoe line.

Who is the investigator in the story Jimmy Valentine?

,” Ben Price is the “eminent detective” who had previously arrested Jimmy for burglary.

Why did Jimmy Valentine move to Elmore, Arkansas?

Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. Jimmy Valentine moves to Elmore, Arkansas to establish a new identity and to start a store as a “front” from which to continue to operate as a safecracker but look like a respectable businessman.

What happens to Jimmy Valentine in a Retrieved Reformation?

“A Retrieved Reformation” opens with Jimmy Valentine’s release from prison, after which he quickly resumes his old criminal life as a safe-cracker, embarking on a crime spree.

What did Jimmy do before he went to Elmore?

Before Jimmy’s move to Elmore, a series of safe burglaries that bore his trademark safecracking style had taken place in Richmond, Logansport, and Jefferson City. When he arrives at Elmore, Jimmy starts a shoe business to use as a front for his burglaries.

Why did Jimmy Valentine change his name to Ralph Spencer?

”Jimmy Valentine looked into her eyes, forgot what he was, and became another man. Jimmy decides on the spur of the moment, not just to pose as an honest businessman, but actually to become one.