Why does my SafeLink phone say no service?

Why does my SafeLink phone say no service?

Check for any available software updates. Try rebooting your device in Safe Mode to see if there is a hardware/software issue with the phone. If the phone is able to make calls, you will need to uninstall the 3rd party applications one by one until the issue stops. Have you tried to remove and reinsert your SIM card?

What network is SafeLink on?

Safelink Wireless – AT GSM, T-Mobile GSM, Sprint CDMA, Verizon CDMA, U.S. Cellular CDMA.

How do I reactivate my SafeLink phone online?

In order to reactivate Customer’s SafeLink Phone and re-enroll in the SafeLink Program, Customer will need to call Customer Care at 1800-SAFELINK. Upon successful re-enrollment, Customer will receive the monthly minutes that Customer was entitled to receive through the date that Customer’s enrollment was cancelled.

What is the APN for SafeLink wireless?

How To Find To Your APN Settings To Change Them

APN Name Safelink
APN tfdata
Proxy proxy.mobile.att.net
Port 80

How do I fix my SafeLink service?

If you are experiencing a problem with your SafeLink phone please call us at 1-800-378-1684

  1. SafeLink Wireless® Customer Service.
  2. TracFone Customer Service.
  3. Net10 Customer Service.

How much is unlimited data for SafeLink?


Denomination Minutes Data
$15.00 Unlimited 3 GB
$20.00 Unlimited 4 GB
$30.00 Unlimited 14 GB
$39.00 Unlimited 40 GB

What phones are compatible with SafeLink?

However, if your phone meets the following criteria, your phone will work with SafeLink:

  • Your phone requires a SIM card. SafeLink has traditional, Micro, and Nano SIM cards.
  • You have an unlocked phone.
  • You have an AT GSM, T-Mobile GSM, Sprint CDMA, Verizon CDMA, U.S. Cellular CDMA or GoSmart Mobile phone.

Can I put my SafeLink SIM card in another phone?

A. You cannot do that because a SIM card becomes locked to a Tracfone phone (sister company of Safelink Wireless, where they get the phones) the moment the phone they sent you is powered up. After than, it becomes “unusable” in any other phone or with any other provider.

How can I reactivate my Obama phone?

How to Reactivate My SafeLink Cellphone

  1. Contact a SafeLink customer service representative at 800-977-3768.
  2. Give the representative your name, your enrollment ID, Social Security number and date of birth.
  3. Tell the representative you want to reactive your account.

How do I update my APN data settings?

Here’s how to change APN settings on an Android mobile phone.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Menu button.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Mobile networks.
  4. Tap Access Point Names.
  5. Tap the Menu button.
  6. Tap New APN.
  7. Tap the Name field.
  8. Enter Internet, then tap OK.

What does it mean when you call someone and it says no service?

In the event that an iPhone says No Service, that means that the device cannot make calls or send texts, and much less receive those two things, and also it cannot connect to the internet unless it is set to Wi-Fi mode.

What is SafeLink customer service number?

1-800-378-1684. NOTE: Toll-Free telephone calls made from your SafeLink Wireless® phone are not free and you will be charged airtime minutes including calls to: SafeLink Wireless® Customer Service. TracFone Customer Service.

What do you need to know about SafeLink?

SafeLink is a LifeLine service, a goverment assisted program. Only eligible consumers may enroll in LifeLine. LifeLine service is a non-transferable and is limited to one per household. Documentation of income or program participation may be required for enrollment. SafeLink is provided by TracFone Wireless, Inc. CALIFORNIA PRIVACY POLICY

How to change your phone number to SafeLink?

To check if your device is affected by any network changes, text the word MIGRATE to 611611 or click here. To change your phone number, text the word MINC to 611611 or click here. To view your Prescription Savings Card, text the word PHARMACY to 611611 or click here.

Why does my address say my address is invalid?

Severe misspellings, flipping or scrambling numbers in the street address or the postal code—a little slip of the key like that can cause your address to be invalid. Similar to the above reason, sometimes information is just inaccurate. A wrong street name is put in, or city name, or postal code.

Is there a recertification process for SafeLink Wireless?

If you have ANY other option for a service provider, choose that one. Forget the fact that none of them speak English very well and they are so not helpful. They did not send me a recertification and they did cut my phone service off upon me calling them. They told me it would be 30 days.