What ethnicity has brown eyes?

What ethnicity has brown eyes?

Brown is the most common eye color. Dark brown eyes are most common in Africa, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

What ethnicity has the most brown hair?

Brown hair, mostly medium to light brown shades, are also dominant in Australia, Canada, South Africa among White South Africans and the United States among European Americans from the Northern, Central and Eastern European (British, Scandinavian, Baltic, Dutch/Flemish, German (including Swiss-German and Austrian).

What European countries have brown eyes?

Lighter eyes across Northern Europe

Nation Blue Brown
Germany 39.6% 27.2%
Iceland 74.5% 9.2%
Netherlands 60.9% 21.7%
Poland 52.5% 35.1%

Is Gray an eye color?

Eyes with a lot of melanin are darker, and eyes with less melanin are blue, green, hazel, amber or gray. NOTE: You may see references to “grey” rather than “gray” eyes, but it’s the same eye color.

Why do some people have brown hair and blue eyes?

Brown hair, darker skin, freckles, and blue eyes Someone with this set of traits most likely has the freckle version of the TYR gene. These folks tended to have darker hair and skin with freckles. The blue eyes almost certainly come from a certain version of the OCA2 gene.

Are there brown eyed people in the UK?

There are plenty of brown eyed English Welsh and Scottish people. “it is easier to break the atom than to break prejudices. Don’t worry about the Swedes they certainly have like all humans on earth the same ancestors as the English who were also black. Cheddar Man”, ancestor of the British aged about 10,000 years, had blue eyes and black skin.

What kind of people have jet black hair and dark brown eyes?

While some traits might be more common in some ethnicities than others, this mostly just deals with the geographical location of the actual group of people than anything. Ethnicities that where dark black hair, dark brown eyes, and pale skin are common can be a myriad of Asian ethnicities (Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese…).

Are there countries in Europe where brown eyes are in?

They are like 70% blue or almost blue. In the rest of the countries I mentioned – I see it more on the walls and commercials, than on the people I met.. In my own country, Slovakia, I see about 50% brown eyes, maybe even more, which means majority.