Can I print from my phone without a computer?

Can I print from my phone without a computer?

If you have a compatible printer, you’ll find that it’s possible to print directly from your phone without the need to involve your PC. Secondly, you need to have your printer and the PC it is connected to switched on when you want to print, and thirdly, you will need to have the Cloud Print app installed.

How do I print from my phone to my printer directly?

Most smartphones use Android, these will be the phones that use the Google Play Store.

  1. Open the file you’d like to print.
  2. Tap the menu button. It looks like three stacked dots.
  3. Tap “Print”.
  4. Tap the drop-down arrow. It’s located near the top of your screen.
  5. Tap the printer you’d like to print from.
  6. Tap the print button.

Where can I print something if I don’t have a computer?

6 Ways to Print in Public

  • Office supply stores. Office supply stores are a great place when you need something printed fast.
  • Shipping Providers.
  • Copy & Print Shops.
  • Public Libraries & Universities.
  • Hotels.
  • Online Printing Options.

How do I hook my phone up to a printer?


  1. Start the Printer Setting Tool on your computer, and click [Communication Settings].
  2. In the [General] tab, click [Communication Settings].
  3. Start your mobile application, and then tap the Settings icon.
  4. Select the printer listed under [Wi-Fi Printer].
  5. You can now print from your device wirelessly.

Can we print without computer?

PictureMate lets you print photos quickly and easily without a computer. Just insert your digital camera’s memory card, choose settings from the control panel, and press Print.

Is it possible to print without a printer?

Yes, printing from home without a printer does sound illogical, right? In today’s technological world, virtual printing is possible. You can cloud print to stores like The UPS Store and FedEx stores, right from your computer and Web browser!

How can I print from my phone without a printer?

How to add the Google Cloud Print app to your Android phone or tablet

  1. Launch Play Store from your Home Screen or app drawer.
  2. Tap the Search Bar at the top of the page.
  3. Type cloud print.
  4. Tap the Search button (it looks like a magnifying glass).
  5. Tap Cloud Print by Google Inc.
  6. Tap Install.

How do I connect my phone to my printer via USB?

Connect one end of a USB cable to the USB port on the rear of the printer and the other end of the USB cable into the USB port on the OTG cable. Plug the micro-USB connector of the OTG cable into the micro-USB port on your Android device. An HP Print Service Plugin window displays on the Android device.

Can you print without WIFI?

Printers used to output documents from a computer do not require online access to operate. Provided the document or file to be printed is stored on a local hard disk drive or on the local network, it can be printed without a connection to the Internet.

Can you print from your phone without WIFI?

No network, Even if you do not have a router or network to connect to, you can print directly from your mobile devices to many HP printers using secure Wi-Fi Direct, HP Wireless Direct, or NFC Touch to print.

How can I print from my Android phone to my computer?

The print command is sent over the cloud to the printer connected to a PC and your Google account. First of all, you need to setup Google Cloud Print on your PC. With the setup in place, the printer will be accessible through the cloud. This enables remote computers or Android devices to print using the printer.

Is it easy to set up a mobile printer?

It is easy to set up mobile printing when you are at home or at the office, but when out and about, your device and public printer need to be able to find each other. You need to consider which mobile applications are vendor agnostic with your mobile device and public location printers. Document security is a big concern with printing on the go.

Can a printer connect to the Internet without a computer?

If your printer has a “ Google Cloud Print Ready ” function, it can connect directly to the internet, without your computer. Your device must be running on Android or iOS, using a Gmail account on the Chrome browser.

Is there a way to print from anywhere?

Companies such as, Apple, Google, HP and ePRINTit have all developed strong platforms that address the need of printing from anywhere. How and where you get started in enabling yourself to print from anywhere depends entirely on how complex you want your printing capabilities to be. There are there main factors when considering public printing: