Can I use 225 65 17 instead of 245 65 17?

Can I use 225 65 17 instead of 245 65 17?

So a 225/65R17 will read the same speed as a 245/65R17… hope that helps.. That is incorrect. 65% of 225 is not the same as 65% of 245.

What diameter is a 215 65 17 tire?

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Tire Size Min Diameter
215/65R17 6.00in 28.00″ -1.79%
255/55R17 7.50in 28.04″ -1.66%
235/60R17 6.50in 28.10″ -1.45%
245/60R17 7.00in 28.57″ 0.21%

Are 225 and 245 tires interchangeable?

A 245/75/16 is taller as well as wider than a 225/75/16. The height is calculated as 75% of 245 or 225. So a 205/50/15 tire the height would be calculated as 50% of 205mm . Some tires listed as the same size still have different dimensions however.

Will 245 65R17 fit 235 65R17?

Yes, a size 235/65R17 tire will fit the same wheel as a 245/65R17 size tire.

Can I use 215 60r17 instead of 215 65R17?

Yes, there is no difference in rim size for those size tires.

What is the difference between 225 65R17 and 215 65R17?

The 225/65R17 is one size larger and much taller and can carry more weight compared to the 215/55R17. The ride will be harsher as well as the aspect ratio is two sizes lower. The smaller tire will fit on the same rim.

How much wider is 245 than 225?

Can I replace 235 tires with 245?

The quick answer is yes you can replace 245/50-18 tyres with 235/50-18 but they will have 10mm (0.4 in) smaller overall diameter. Will only slightly effect speedo and odometer – ie speedo will read about 1.5% high.

What is the difference between 235 and 245 tire size?

In selection width, there is a -10 or -4% difference between 245 mm old tire and 235 mm new tire. For the sidewall height, there is a -19 (10 %) difference from the old tire of 184mm and 165 mm new tire size.

What is the difference between 215 60R16 and 215 65R16?

The P215/65R16 has a load capacity rating of 96, whereas the P215/60R16 has a load capacity rating of 94. Stay safe with tires.

How tall is a 215 60r17?

Tire Size Calculator – Tire & Wheel Plus Sizing BETA

Unit: Imperial Imperial Metric
Overall Diameter 27.16 in
Sidewall Height 5.08 in
Radius 13.58 in
Circumference 85.32 in

Can a 235 / 65-17 tire be replaced with a 245-65 tire?

You might be able to replace a 235/65-17 with a 245/65-17 tire. The tires you have now, 235/65-17, are about 9.25 inches wide and 29 inches tall. The 245s on the other hand are 9.65 inches wide and 29-1/2 inches tall. On vehicles, especially newer vehicles, there is very little space to go to a larger tire without making other modifications.

What is the difference between 225 and 65r17 rims?

For example a 225/45/17 vs 245/45/17, the 245 will be taller even though the profile 45 doesn’t change. Also I’d like to clear up that “65R17” and “65/17” are the same thing. “R” is for Rim size so you have 17″ Rims. It should be xxx/65/R17 or either way around.

Can a 225mm tire be used with a 235mm tire?

The lesser 225mm width tire offer a narrower tread contact patch, as well as potentially a lesser load carrying capability, depending on model of tire. Additionally, you would only wish to employ a narrower tire size as you suggest if you are needing it for nearly exclusively driving in ice and snow. An experience in the ages of medieval empires!