Can you get a train from Verona to Lake Garda?

Can you get a train from Verona to Lake Garda?

Verona to Lake Garda by train The train from Verona takes just 19 minutes and there are over twenty daily services to Desenzano del Garda/Sirmione station, so you’ll be exploring beautiful Lake Garda in no time.

Can you get a bus from Verona to Lake Garda?

Verona to Lake Garda by Bus. Taking the bus is an easy way to travel from Verona to Lake Garda. Bus lines 162 and 163 will take you from Verona to Lazise, Bardolino, and Garda Town. Bus line 164 will take you from Verona to Peschiera del Garda, Lazise, Bardolino, and Garda Town.

How long is the transfer from Verona airport to Lake Garda?

How long does it take to get from Verona Airport (VRN) to Garda? It takes approximately 1h 58m to get from Verona Airport (VRN) to Garda, including transfers.

What is the best town to stay in Lake Garda?

Best Towns to Stay in Lake Garda


How many days do you need in Lake Garda?

How much time do you need in Lake Garda? You can drive around Lake Garda and get a quick impression in just a day or you can spend a week in the area and you’ll find plenty to see and do… Ideally, I suggest at least 2-3 days at Lake Garda.

Which is better Lake Como or Lake Garda?

The general perception is that Lake Garda is more touristy and crowded than Lake Como. On the other hand, Lake Como is developed all the way around the lake… but with scattered villages that range between touristy and crowded and the more “authentic.” (Como, Bellagio, and Varenna are especially popular with visitors).

Is Verona Italy worth visiting?

The city of lovers, opera, and romance in northern Italy, fair Verona has beguiled many a traveller over the centuries. Verona is absolutely worth a visit. We’ve shared all the best things to do, alongside plenty of inspiration and ideas for your own visit, in 13 Wonderful Things To Do in Verona.

How far is the airport from Lake Garda?

Verona airport is the closest airport to Lake Garda and the most convenient. The airport is small but well organized and it is only 20 km from the southern shore of the lake, from where you can then board local transport to any other location on the lake.

How far is Verona airport from Bella Italia?

The distance between Verona Airport (VRN) and Camping Bella Italia, Peschiera del Garda is 18 km. The road distance is 23.7 km.

Which is better Lake Como or Garda?

What is the best month to visit Lake Garda?

The best time to visit Lake Garda is the summer, when temperatures rarely fall below 25°C. The weather is ideal for shorts and t-shirts, along with a pair of sunglasses and plenty of sun cream. At peak times of the day, temperatures can reach up to 29°C.

Which is the prettiest lake in Italy?

11 Best Lakes in Italy

  1. Lake Como. Aerial view of Varenna on Lake Como.
  2. Lake Garda. Malcesine, Lake Garda.
  3. Lake Maggiore. Isola Bella, Lake Maggiore.
  4. Lake Orta. The island of San Giulio on Lake Orta.
  5. Lake Lugano. Aerial view of Porlezza, Lake Lugano.
  6. Lake Iseo. Loreto Island, Lake Iseo.
  7. Pragser Wildsee (Lago di Braies)
  8. Lake Bolsena.