Can you have babies in Sims 2?

Can you have babies in Sims 2?

Pregnancy does not magically happen in “The Sims 2” video game. Two of your Sims need to try for a baby. Sims can try to get pregnant in three places: the bed, hot tub, and clothing booth. Just because they try for a baby, does not mean that the woman becomes pregnant.

Can Sims have triplets Sims 2?

Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to have triplets, quadruplets or more in The Sims 2. Players may download third-party hacks to obtain the option of having triplets or quadruplets.

How long do sims stay babies?

The Sims 4

Lifespan Baby Toddler
Short 0-1.5 day 4 days
Normal 0–3 days 7 days
Long 0–12 days 32 days

How to have a baby on the Sims 2?

Listen for a “Rock-a-bye Baby” tune right after the woohoo. This will tell you that your Sim is pregnant. Purchase the most expensive telescope. Have your male sim stargaze using it (at night, obviously). Eventually your sim will get abducted by aliens. This may take a while, so you must be patient.

Can a vampire get pregnant in Sims 2?

Teenagers, same sex couples, or zombies can not “try for a baby”. Teenagers can get pregnant with a mod installed. (Vampires can “try for baby”, but the resulting baby will not be a vampire.) Thanks! Males can get pregnant only by an alien abduction or game cheats.

How is the sex of the baby determined in Sims 2?

The sex of the babies is determined at birth, so right before your Sim gives birth, save the household. That way, if your Sim doesn’t have girls on the first try, you can exit without saving and reload the household as many times as it takes for your Sim to have girls.

What happens if you have twins on Sims 2?

There is a 10% chance of a natural birth of twins in the game. If your Sim is pregnant, the next day (on Day One), they will always run to the toilet due to morning sickness. There will also be a thought bubble with a pacifier above their head with a question mark. This is them wondering if they are pregnant.