Can you use Livescribe pen on regular paper?

Can you use Livescribe pen on regular paper?

Can I write on regular paper? You can write on anything, but you will lose all the functionality of the smartpen by using non-Livescribe paper. Without the dot enabled paper the smartpen will not know where it is and will not be able to use any of its features.

What is a smart pen used for?

What is a Smartpen? Smartpens allow you to take notes while simultaneously recording classroom lectures or discussion. Simply tap anywhere in your notes and the pen will play back what was said at that moment in time. The pen also saves digital copies of your notes, which may be transferred to a computer via USB.

What does echo pen do?

The Livescribe smartpen captures everything that you write and everything that is spoken. Inside the pen is a camera that takes a picture of your notes as you write them. Later on you can go back and listen to any part of the audio recording by tapping anywhere on your written notes.

Do smart pens need special paper?

Smart pens capture what you’ve written by hand and transform it into digital form. They do this via a few methods: Some require special paper or a tablet that provides a grid that functions as a sort of GPS for your pen, so it can translate the path of the pen into marks you can read as language.

Are Livescribe pens worth it?

Actually working very well, the Livescribe Symphony is an appealingly priced option – if of course pricier than regular a pen and paper. If you’re keen to make your note taking a little more effective, this is a good solution. It looks just like a standard pen, albeit a little chunkier, and it works much like one.

How do I setup my Livescribe Echo pen?

Make sure your smartpen is charged. Use the USB cable and connect it to a computer or USB AC wall adapter. Creating your Livescribe Account is the first step when setting up your Livescribe wifi smartpen. Link your Livescribe wifi smartpen with the Evernote account where you’d like your notes sent.

What is the difference between stylus and digital pen?

A stylus is generally smaller and much thinner than a digital pen because it contains no internal electronics. Many digital pens do more than just write or draw; they often have built-in capabilities to record audio as well.

Can you use Moleskine Smart pen on regular paper?

The smart writing set has three elements: the pen, which is a Moleskine branded Neo smartpen, which is bluetooth connected and also works as a regular pen; the “paper tablet”, which is essentially a Moleskine notebook of special paper with tiny dots all over it; and the free app, Moleskine Notes, for your smartphone.

Does the Livescribe Symphony pen record audio?

Livescribe Smartpen Features Record audio with the mobile app and sync with your handwritten notes.

Is livescribe going out of business?

Livescribe is selling its business operations, technology, and intellectual property. “The Livescribe brand and existing infrastructure will be retained, with a goal of strengthening the position of both companies through the development and sale of new products,” the companies say in a separate joint statement.

What can you do with the Echo smartpen?

Take the stress out of tests and meetings with an Echo smartpen from Livescribe. Record everything you hear, say and write, while linking your audio recordings to your notes. Quickly replay audio from your Livescribe paper, a computer, or a mobile device – all with a simple tap on your handwritten notes.

Can a smart pen be used as a pen?

A Livescribe smartpen is a clever tool that will help any professional, student, educator or note-taker in innumerable ways. Like any regular pen, a smartpen uses ink and paper. You take notes just as you always have, with or without doodles and diagrams.

What kind of paper does a Livescribe smartpen use?

Livescribe smartpens use special paper printed with microdots that are read by the tip of the smartpen. Livescribe creates a variety of paper products, such as notebooks, journals, flip notepads, and sticky notes. IDENTIFYING YOUR SMARTPEN MODEL

How does the smartpen work with paper replay?

When recording audio with the Paper Replay app, the smartpen links your notes to the recorded audio.When you tap on your notes, your smartpen locates the tapped position and plays back the audio linked to that location. ABOUT LIVESCRIBE NOTEBOOKS Livescribe smartpens use special paper printed with microdots that are read by the tip of the smartpen.