Did Eminem create the term stan?

Did Eminem create the term stan?

The Oxford definition credits Eminem with the origin of the term, acknowledging that ‘stan’ stems from “the 2000 song ‘Stan’ by the American rapper, Eminem, about an obsessed fan.”

Is Stan a good song?

But in the 20 years that have followed its release, “Stan” has been listed by several outlets as one of the greatest rap songs ever recorded, and became a culturally significant term encapsulating an entire culture of online fan communities in the 21st century.

Who is the richest rap star?

Top 10 Richest Rappers in the World & Their Net Worths

  • # 8. Lil Wayne – $158 Million Net Worth.
  • # 7. Drake – $190 Million Net Worth.
  • # 6. Eminem- $220 Million Net Worth.
  • # 5. Master P- $245 Million Net Worth.
  • # 4. Dr.
  • # 3. Diddy- $895 Million Net Worth.
  • # 2. Jay Z- $1.05 Billion Net Worth.
  • # 1. Kanye West- $2.9 Billion Net Worth.

What kind of song is Stan by Eminem?

The song structure and storyline of “Stan” seems to be based on “Fans” by Malcolm McLaren from 1984 which includes an opera aria excerpt instead of a Dido song and tells the tale of an obsessed fan with spoken word rather than rap. >>

Who is the voice of Stan in the song The song?

Song The song tells the story of a person named Stanley “Stan” Mitchell (voiced by Eminem) who claims to be Eminem’s biggest fan. He writes Eminem several letters; over three verses, he becomes more obsessive, and when there is no reply he becomes angrier.

When did Eminem Sing Stan on SNL?

Eminem and Dido performed “Stan” on the 7 October 2000 episode of “Saturday Night Live”. This went down history as one of the most notable live performance of the song.

What was the rapper’s response to the song Stan?

Rapper Canibus released a response track to “Stan” titled “U Didn’t Care” in which Canibus, imitating Stan, accused Eminem of not caring about him. Christian rap artist KJ-52 recorded two songs: “Dear Slim” and “Dear Slim, Part II”, which attempted to contact Eminem in an allusion to “Stan”.