Did Nancy Morgan Hart have kids?

Did Nancy Morgan Hart have kids?

John Hart
Sukey Hart
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What happened to Nancy Hart after the Revolutionary War?

Life after the War The Harts continued to live in the Broad River settlement for several years after the Revolution. In 1790 the area was cut from Wilkes County and incorporated into a new county, called Elbert. By then Nancy Hart had found religion through a new Methodist society that had formed in her neighborhood.

Was Nancy Hart a Patriot or Loyalist?

A cousin to American General Daniel Morgan, Hart was a stalwart Patriot, who employed her own heroic means of supporting the American cause for Independence. When she was in her thirties, Nancy married Benjamin Hart, a prominent North Carolinian, and the couple had eight children.

How does Nancy trick the British soldiers?

Nancy Morgan Hart. Legend has it that Nancy Morgan Hart captured British soldiers during the American Revolution, then sang the words to “Yankee Doodle” as she watched them die by hanging.

What colony was Nancy Hart from?

North Carolina colony
Nancy Morgan Hart was born around the year 1735, the daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Morgan. She grew up in the Yadkin River Valley, which was along the western frontier of the North Carolina colony.

How old was Nancy Hart when she married Benjamin Hart?

She married Benjamin Hart at the late age of 36, and in the 1771 the couple settled along the Broad River in Wilkes County, Georgia. She had six sons and two daughters.

Where did Nancy Hart live most of her life?

When she was in her thirties, Nancy married Benjamin Hart, a prominent North Carolinian, and the couple had eight children. Sometime in the 1770s, the family moved to South Carolina and then into the Broad River Valley region of Georgia, where Nancy became accustomed to the frontier lifestyle.

Who was Nancy Morgan Hart and what did she do?

Georgia frontierswoman Nancy Morgan Hart was a legendary hero of the American Revolution who made it her mission to rid the Georgia territory of British Loyalists (Tories). According to various accounts, she captured six, killed one, and oversaw the hanging of five others. She also served as a spy. A good deal of folklore surrounds Hart’s story.

How many sons and daughters did Nancy Hart have?

They had a total of six sons and two daughters. Although she was illiterate, Hart was amply blessed with the skills and knowledge necessary for frontier survival; she was an expert herbalist, a skilled hunter, and an excellent shooter.