Did the European explorers find the Northwest Passage?

Did the European explorers find the Northwest Passage?

European explorers first began to search for the Northwest Passage in the fifteenth century, but treacherous conditions and sea ice cover made the route impassible, foiling many expeditions. Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen became the first to successfully navigate the Northwest Passage in 1906.

Where were the European explorers hoping the Northwest Passage would lead them?

Future voyages would lead to his discoveries of Greenland, Baffin Land, Newfoundland, and the Grand Banks, opening them to European fishermen. For the next 400 years, a series of adventurers would navigate this northern sea route in search of the fabled passage to Asia.

Who was hired to find the Northwest Passage?

Henry Hudson. In 1609, the merchants of the Dutch East India Company hired English explorer Henry Hudson to find the Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Who was the first British explorer to explore the New World?

England’s forays into the New World began in 1497 with John Cabot’s journey to North America. British exploration of the New World centered on searching for a Northwest Passage through the continent. Sir Walter Raleigh and Henry Hudson were notable British explorers who established early settlements in Virginia and New York.

Why did England want to colonize the Northwest Passage?

Like the other European countries, England was motivated in part by the lure of both riches and the Northwest Passage. In 1606, King James I granted a charter to colonize Virginia to the Virginia Company of London, a joint-stock company of investors who believed there was a profit to be made.

Why did the Europeans come to the New World?

Early European explorers who came to the “New World” were looking for a Northwest Passage in order to— Exploration and Colonization Which of the following is considered a major historical era in American history? Plants and animals were transferred among Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas