Did Trina and Lil Wayne ever date?

Did Trina and Lil Wayne ever date?

Personal life. Trina was in an on-again, off-again relationship with rapper Lil Wayne from 2005 to 2007. Trina dated rapper French Montana from 2012 to 2014.

Was Trina engaged to Lil Wayne?

Trina has never made it down the aisle, but was engaged to Lil Wayne (they broke it off in 2007) and then, former NBA star Kenyon Martin, whom she ended things with in 2010.

Why did Lil Wayne and Trina split?

The reason for Trina and Lil Wayne’s breakup “We were both just really young,” she recalled. “[We were in our] very early twenties and I’m thinking, ‘OK, what are we doing? ‘ We were friends years before this, the whole Cash Money family, and I just felt like he was somebody that really, really my friend.

Is Trina dating Rick Ross?

No, Trina and Rick Ross are not dating. It’s clear that the two rappers are good friends as Trina captioned one of her Instagram posts “Family”, shutting down the speculations from her fans and followers.

Who is Trina dating now?

Raymond Taylor (2017–)

Who has Trina dated?

Trina has been dating Raymond Taylor since 2016 Since 2016, Trina has been in a relationship with Miami rap artist and former college basketball player Raymond Taylor. At 29 years old, he’s 13 years Trina’s junior.

Did Lil Wayne’s GF leave him?

Lil Wayne’s Trump Endorsement Got Him Dumped Scott, Wayne’s girlfriend, the model Denise Bidot, confirmed the split on her Instagram, which is now deactivated. Bidot’s friends reportedly said she was disappointed in the the rapper’s Trump endorsement, and it was the last straw: “She broke up with Wayne.

Did Lil Wayne’s girlfriend leave?

Rapper Lil Wayne’s girlfriend, Denise Bidot has called it quits on their relationship, reportedly due to his endorsement of President Donald Trump in the US elections 2020. According to reports on TMZ, the model reportedly left the music superstar for his endorsement of the President of the United States.