Do you need a permit to drill a well in NY?

Do you need a permit to drill a well in NY?

A: New York State Building Code requires all wells to be drilled by a registered contractor. A: A DEC permit is not required except for Long Island water wells that produce more than 45 gallons per minute, and geothermal wells more than 500 feet deep. However, a local permit is needed in some counties.

How do I find my well records in NY?

Water Well Contractor and Completion Report Record Search

  1. NYS GIS Clearinghouse.
  2. Division of Water. Water Resource Management. Albany, NY 12233-3508. 518-402-8291.

What is the average price to drill a well?

Well drilling costs $15 to $25 per foot for the drilling process only. Installing a complete well water system costs $25 to $65 per foot, irrigation wells run $50 to $100 per foot, and geothermal wells are $15 to $40 per foot.

How can I tell how deep my well is?

Take up the slack and mark the string at ground level. Pull the weight out of the well. 3. Measure from the bottom of the weight to the ground level mark on your string. This is the depth of your well.

Where can I get a water well driller license?

For updates or additional information regarding the water well driller and water well pump installer licensing and continuing education programs, please contact Mark Basch or Vanessa Gonzalez of the Division of Water. Limit of 12 spots per exam.

Who are water well drillers and pump installers in Texas?

TDLR encourages all persons interested in the Water Well Drillers and Water Well Pump Installers program to review the rule review adoption. One of the lessons learned from the February 2021 winter storm that impacted Texas is that winterizing equipment is important.

Do you need a permit to build a water well?

Well Construction Permits. A permit is required prior to the construction of all new wells and the repair, modification or abandonment of an existing well regardless of the size. The permit ensures that wells are built by licensed water well contractors and conform to water well construction standards within the State of Florida.

Who is responsible for water well construction in Florida?

DEP manages the Water Well Construction Program in close coordination with each of the five state regional water management districts (WMD).