Does Travis Rice have siblings?

Does Travis Rice have siblings?

Ashley Rice
Travis Rice/Siblings

What width should my waist be for snowboarding?


Waist Width Range (mm) US Men’s Boot Size
REGULAR 245-250 8-9.5
REGULAR 250-255 9.5-10.5
MID-WIDE 255-265 10.5-12
WIDE 265+ 12+

Does Travis Rice wear a helmet?

Rice, notice the only time he wears a helmet in AOF is when he has the GoPro on.

Are wide snowboards harder to ride?

Width is an important factor when choosing a snowboard. Too wide of a board will lack responsiveness. Too narrow and you run the risk of toe and heel drag, which can easily throw you on your face, especially if you enjoy steeper terrain or laying down a hard carve- looking at you dudes with boot sizes 11.5 and up!

How old is Travis Rice the snowboarder?

Travis Rice (born October 9, 1982) is an American professional snowboarder. He is #13 on Snowboarder magazine’s list of the 20 most influential snowboarders of the last 20 years. The 36-year-old has featured in more than twenty snowboarding films.

Where did Travis Rice grow up in Wyoming?

Rice was born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He was raised near Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, where he continues to reside. Raised as a skier by his father, a member of Jackson Hole Ski Patrol, Rice initially did not understand the rave of the new sport springing up on his mountain.

How tall is Travis Rice of big mountain freestyle?

Rice’s biggest claim to fame was when he arrived at Snowboarder magazine’s Superpark contest at Mammoth Mountain and launched a ‘mammoth’ of a backside rodeo across a 117-foot gap jump. He has been considered “the Paul Revere” of the big mountain freestyle movement.