How and why does Melinda finally speak up for herself?

How and why does Melinda finally speak up for herself?

Through the encouragement of her art teacher Mr. Freeman, Melinda starts to find her confidence and her voice again. And when Andy Evans attempts to rape her for the second time, she realizes she must speak out to stop him from doing this to anybody else.

What does it whisper in Melinda’s ear?

Melinda spends the next two weeks making and hanging the posters for Heather and the can drive. She is hanging one up outside the metal shop room when suddenly IT creeps up behind her and whispers in her ear, “Freshmeat.” IT keeps finding her and she cannot ignore IT.

What happened to Melinda at the party in speak?

During the party, Andy rapes Melinda. In shock, Melinda calls 9-1-1, but does not know what to say and runs home. The police come and break up the party, and some people are arrested. Melinda does not tell anyone what happened to her, and nobody asks.

How does biology class smell to Melinda?

Keen, the biology teacher, has been focusing on teaching the class about flowers. David is trying to decide between taking pre-med and pre-law courses in college. The smell of fresh apple fills the room, reminding Melinda of the time her parents took her to an apple orchard to pick apples, a happy memory.

How does this make Melinda feel?

How does this make Melinda feel? It makes her feel like she can fly. How is Melinda’s mood changing? She is becoming her normal self again and is getting happier.

What keeps Melinda silent What is she afraid of?

Melinda stays silent due to trauma and fear. The summer before entering high school, Melinda was sexually assaulted at a house party. She ends up calling the police which causes her peers to hate her for being a “snitch.” However, they are unaware of the real reason she calls which completely isolates her.

Why is Mr Freeman in trouble?

Freeman, makes this list is because he stands up to “the man”—in this case, the school board. Freeman’s troubles with the school board on page 31. We learn that they have refused to give him any money to buy new supplies for the students; instead he’ll need to use whatever is left over from the previous year.

Why is Melinda having difficulty talking?

Melinda is probably suffering from what is often labelled as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She is not able to verbalise her worst and biggest torment. As the events play on her mind she becomes more withdrawn and is losing the ability to communicate.

What page did Melinda call the cops in speak?

She asks, “Aren’t you the one who called the cops at Kyle Rodger’s party at the end of the summer?” (12.9). Lots of people hear the girl and turn to look at Melinda.

Why did Heather say she didn’t want to be friends with Melinda anymore?

Instead, she says, “You mean we’re not friends anymore?” (51.7). Heather says they weren’t really ever friends to begin with. She says Melinda is “the most depressed person [she’s] ever met.” She says she thinks Melinda needs “professional help” (51.10).

Why is Heather in danger of losing her standing with the Marthas?

Heather is in trouble with the Marthas because they do not like the posters she had Melinda draw and are upset that she, Heather, brought in beets for the canned food drive.

What is Melinda’s cry for help?

Melinda’s behavior is a cry for help because all the things she does indicates that she needs someone to talk to and someone to understand what she has been through. How is Melinda’s behavior a cry for help?

How does Melinda avoid thinking about the event?

By fainting, Melinda is able to once again avoid thinking about the event fully and continues to wish she could make it disappear entirely from her brain. Furthermore, while Melinda is able to frequently avoid thinking about what happened to her, any interaction with IT brings it right back.

What happens when Melinda Whispers freshmeat to the monster?

Furthermore, while Melinda is able to frequently avoid thinking about what happened to her, any interaction with IT brings it right back. When IT whispers “freshmeat” into her ear, she immediately freaks out.

Why is Melinda jealous of Heather in dead frogs?

Heather’s desire to be even skinnier and her willingness to pose and preen for the camera exasperate Melinda. Her distaste for the photo shoot is apparent, but she is also a little envious of Heather’s confidence.